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Turkey: the sky is the limit

4th October 2013

Perhaps you've been to Turkey, perhaps you've tried hot air ballooning, but have you ever combined both experiences and been hot air ballooning in Turkey's historical region of Cappadocia?

This area is well known for its breathtaking sights, especially when seen from above. No other place boasts such intriguing rock formations, colours, pigeon holes and fairy chimneys. From vineyards to valleys, this area in Central Anatolia must be seen to be believed. 

The unparalleled views have seen Cappadocia win multiple awards as one of the world's best hot air ballooning locations; it offers a very special fusion of ancient landscapes and idyllic Turkish countryside.

The adventure isn't over once the balloon ride is. Turkey is so rich in culture, even its land attractions will have you in awe. Minarets stud the townships and cities are buzzing with beautiful spice bazaars, which are not only a great travel attraction but a fully functioning part of Turkish local life.

Speak to one our experienced travel agents about visiting Turkey.  When it comes to this destination, the sky is the limit.