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Why fly business class?

23rd September 2013

No one will deny that flying business class is going to cost you more, but as any travel agent will tell you, there are some serious perks to the option that are definitely worth the added dollars.

Out of the many reasons to fly business, here are just the top five.


Demanding attention might not be a high priority, but you certainly notice the difference when you have one flight attendant per three to five people.  Any time you need a glass of water, a blanket or anything at all, you won't be left waiting for long. So stay hydrated and keep warm without hesitation.


If for nothing else, book a business class flight for your knees. The spaciousness of the seats up front will almost make you forget that you're on a plane. Not only are the seats larger, you have more room for your book, your drink, your snacks, and to stretch your toes.


Airplane meals often get a bad rap, when really, most of them are hot, tasty and nutritious. However, the meals in business class are a breed of their own. Most business class meals are prepared by a professional chef, and all snacks and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are free.


There's almost nothing quite as daunting as taking a seat next to a toddler. While no one is blaming parents for taking their kids on what is probably a much needed holiday, it's fair enough to want some peace and quiet during the journey.

Taking your seat up front is far less likely to include restless young ones, allowing you to arrive at your destination well-rested and ready to hit the ground walking - better to see the sights that way.


Forget waiting in line for the bathroom in front of a plane load of passengers, business class has its own, meaning there are virtually no waiting times and no awkward moments trying to get out of the cabin crew's way while you stand outside the door.

See our range of business class options here and make your next journey a more comfortable one.