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Get an insight into the real Hong Kong

12th June 2014

Hong Kong is one of those special destinations able to enthral its visitors time after time.

From its dazzling harbour to its glittering skyline and emerald green hills stretching off into the distance, it's a truly captivating destination.

Take a holiday to Asia and visit Hong Kong, taking time to soak it in afresh and see and do things you haven't before. Here are some hints on how to spend your time.

Discover the city's Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects in harmony with nature, to keep balance and encourage good fortune. The influence of this concept can be seen throughout Hong Kong, from the city's very design to the lifestyles of its day-to-day residents, who often enlist the help of Feng Shui advisors when buying, building or decorating homes.

Take in some of the city's Feng Shui hot spots on your visit. One is in front of the HSBC Main Building, where there are two bronze lion statues. The placement of these lions was recommended by Feng Shui experts and the business has flourished. Why not rub one of the lion's noses or paws to try and collect some good fortune of your own?

Even if you've been up to Victoria Peak on the famous tram before, take another trip with Feng Shui in mind. Look out at the city from the viewing platform and see how its arrangement may be in harmony with its environment and pieced together like a puzzle.

Take part in a Tai Chi lesson

Tai chi is an ancient art of movement, which has been artfully choreographed through the centuries with the aim of balancing the body's yin and yang. It's purported to nourish the body and the mind.

It consists of slow, peaceful and deliberate movements and exudes an air of grace and power. Walking through Hong Kong, you may see individuals or groups practising the art in a park or in front of the ocean.

You can find tai chi classes for locals and tourists throughout the city, which are sometimes run for free by the local governments, while others require a small payment. See how this art benefits the wellbeing of countless residents for yourself. You'll likely want to continue when you get home, too.

Check out a local festival

Hong Kong is home to a number of interesting and exciting festivals.

The Hungry Ghost festival is one such event, where locals aim to appease restless spirits stuck roaming the Earth by offering their ancestors food and fire. The event involves Chinese operas, roadside fires and food being left outside.

Then there is the Hong Kong Chinese New Year that takes place in February, which involves 15 days full of exciting traditions, parties and family occasions. You'll see red lanterns galore and will get to savour all sorts of treats and goodies reserved for the New Year. There's no festival quite like this in Hong Kong.

What about heading to the city for the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival? This takes place in June and involves a few days of action-packed racing out on the gorgeous Victoria Harbour. Expect bright colours, the bold sound of drums, the grunts of rowers and the enthusiastic cheering of fans, supporters and spectators.

Aside from the races, there is also plenty of entertainment including musical acts, performers, and plenty of food and drink. The blend of old tradition and contemporary thrills makes it an event not to be missed, with a fun-filled and lively atmosphere.

Talk to a travel agent today if heading to Hong Kong for these experiences interests you.