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Have a ball on Borneo

13th June 2014

Have a Ball on Borneo

Anna Mashei from Thesinger & Turner Travel Associates in Norwood, SA, recently enjoyed a captivating holiday filled with sun, sea – and delightfully cute orang-utans - on the multi-nation, equatorial island of Borneo.

Excluding the continental landmass of Australia, Borneo is the world’s third largest island and encompasses the countries of Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. With a steamy, tropical climate, Borneo is filled with enticing holiday destinations, and for her relaxing journey Ana chose the ever popular coastal area near Kota Kinabalu, in the Malaysian state of Sabah.

A city of endless appeal, Kota Kinabalu, or ‘K.K.’ as it’s known by the locals and international travellers, offers both a charming urban flavour with areas of unique colonial  style, and an endless array of outdoor attractions from beautiful beaches to unspoilt islands, mountains and rainforests.

The city boasts several engaging museums as well as charming city parks and picturesque coastal drives, while the beach front offers lots to choose from in the way of cafes and restaurants. “We ate dinner every night at the waterfront,” said Anna. “There were so many options and all the food and service was fantastic!”

One of the most popular attractions near KK are the lush, green atolls found just offshore. These small, unspoilt tropical islands are just a short boat ride away and are great for exploring. “Diving off Gaya Island is a must do for sure,” Anna recalled excitedly. There are many boat tours that go out to the islands and visitors are able to enjoy the day snorkelling, scuba diving or just sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the idyllic scenery.

Back on the mainland, Anna and her partner stayed at the beautiful Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort. Set on a short peninsula, Anna and her partner enjoyed coastal views of the South China Sea from the hotels expansive Infinity Pool. No doubt the pool’s apt name comes from its infinitely soothing characteristics and dazzling, far-out views. The pool and the sea seem to merge seamlessly offering an uninterrupted view of the azure blue waters.

Anna had only the best things to say about the Shangri-La Resort. “It was fantastic, and we couldn't have had a better experience there. The service was impeccable, our room was fantastic and the range of eating facilities was great – and the pool was gorgeous!”

Unknown to Anna however, there was one more surprise yet to be revealed, one that would forever remind her of her incredible here. On the couple’s private balcony, looking out over the ocean vista of Kota Kinabalu, Anna’s boyfriend popped the question; asking her to marry him.

Once again, KK worked its magic, offering its enchanting surrounding for yet another dreamy moment of bliss. Oh, and if you’re wondering, Anna said “Yes!”.

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