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The great Australian rail experience is here

16th December 2019

There’s something quite romantic about a long, charming train ride through the countryside. Your mind completely slows down as you watch the world speed up outside your window, the scenery changing at each glance. Your afternoons are spent lounging in leather upholstered armchairs and your evenings dining on delectable meals at a white clothed table. Later on, you enjoy a wine or whiskey at the onboard bar before making your way to your own room where you drift off to vibrations of the tracks underneath you. Sound familiar? We didn’t make it up.

For Australians who haven’t had the pleasure, we bet you’re imagining some of the stunning scenes from much-loved films like Murder on the Orient Express, The Darjeeling Limited, Before Sunrise or even the magical journey to Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

Such romantic rail journeys have generally been thought of as limited to destinations like Europe (and a few of our favourite films), but we’re excited to share there is a brand-new film-worthy journey right here in our own backyard - Australia. And we really think you should give it a try.


Great Southern travelling between Adelaide and Brisbane
Great Southern travelling between Adelaide and Brisbane

Great Southern is Australia’s first new great rail journey in over ten years and will link Adelaide and Brisbane, providing guests the chance to explore the south-eastern corner of the country in a whole new way. The premium train is the newest addition to the suite of internationally renowned Australian rail journeys offered by Journey Beyond Rail Expeditions. It joins The Ghan (Adelaide-Darwin) and Indian Pacific (Sydney-Perth).

Comprising of 28 carriages and two locomotives, Great Southern will accommodate up to 232 guests across a range of Platinum and Gold Service cabins.


Platinum Service Twin Cabin
Platinum Service Twin Cabin

With a train like this, the real experience is the journey itself. Through its progression across Australia’s south-east, Great Southern will showcase the picturesque regional countryside, by both on and Off Train Experiences. Their array of excursions will allow guests to truly explore beyond the tracks and be immersed in the towns, cities and landscapes the train passes through. The onboard dining experience is also worth a mention, as guests will indulge in regionally inspired and carefully curated menus all while being looked after by a team that goes above and beyond.


Gold Service Queen Adelaide Restaurant
Gold Service Queen Adelaide Restaurant

Great Southern offers a premium rail experience inclusive of all meals, beverages and unique off-train excursions on limited departures over December 2020 and January 2021.

Talk to your Travel Associates advisor about planning your romantic rail escape with on the new Great Southern.