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Why Greater Palm Springs should be on your horizon

10th December 2019

We asked some of our expert advisors to highlight the attractions of Greater Palm Springs and why it makes an ideal extension to any USA trip.


Like Hollywood in its heydey

“I love Palm Springs. A visit here is like taking a walk back in time, a retro experience that transports you back to a life of glamour, chic architecture and flashy cars that would not seem out of place in the swinging 50's and 60's. It’s a throwback to the days of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and fabulous for it. You’ll enjoy kooky cocktails, fabulous restaurants, flamboyant fashion and hip tunes in a super-fun town where almost anything goes. Add to this the surrounding desert and you’ll discover it’s a destination simply not to be missed”. 
- Greg Ashmore, Ashmore & James Travel Associates, Canterbury VIC


Architectural gems

“A guided architecture tour is an absolute must-do when visiting Greater Palm Springs. They are offered by a range of companies, many of which take you inside wonderful homes designed by famous architects. If you appreciate architecture, it is amazing. I was in heaven. You learn a lot of the history of the area this way too, as the development of the nine cities of Greater Palm Springs hinged on the freedom mid-century architects were given here. There are many hotels of different eras and styles too, which have been restored or renovated so well that visiting them for meals or drinks is a great way to create your own architecture tour!”
- Karen Majsay, Low & James Travel Associates, Neutral Bay NSW


Frank Sinatra's Original Palm Springs Estate (image courtesy of
Frank Sinatra's Original Palm Springs Estate (image courtesy of


Quirky, boutique stays

“There are few places that offer such an abundance of unique properties as you’ll find in Greater Palm Springs. Many historic hotels have undergone luxe makeovers and now exude boho chic. La Serena Villas is just one example, it has only 18 rooms, yet also houses a fantastic restaurant and a spa, perfect if you want that exclusive feel to your stay. My favourite however, is Parker Palm Springs which features eclectic décor throughout the property. Quirky, bright and colourful, like Palm Springs itself, it’s the ideal choice for anyone that appreciates design flair as there are thought-provoking touches everywhere.”
- Jo Kennedy, Kennedy & Turner Travel Associates, Chelmer QLD


Parker Palm Springs (image courtesy of Parker Palm Springs)
Parker Palm Springs (image courtesy of Parker Palm Springs)


Delectable dining

“Palm Springs has dining choices to suit everyone! Dine al fresco at The Rowan to enjoy sweeping valley views and a light and refreshing brunch with juice flights to match. Experience a throwback to yesteryear Palm Springs at The Purple Room Supper Club, the favoured haunt of the Rat Pack back in the day, where contemporary cocktails and classic American supper fare are served alongside music from the 20th century. Then satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to Brandini Toffee, a family owned company that offers indulgent toffee shakes and toffee-dipped ice cream – just the thing for a warm Palm Springs summer day!”
- Becky Kent-Perchalla, Perchalla & Turner Travel Associates, Hyde Park SA


The Rowan, Palm Springs (image courtesy of Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel)
The Rowan, Palm Springs (image courtesy of Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel)


Explore as you choose

“Greater Palm Springs and the surrounding desert are home to a multitude of activities, so no matter where your interests lie, you’ll have plenty to entertain you during your stay. You can explore as you choose, with everything from hiking and biking to horseback riding and Jeep tours. Drive out to Joshua Tree National Park to admire the desert in all its glory or to soak in the views from above try a hot-air balloon ride or the Aerial Tramway. The area also boasts an overflowing festival calendar with multiple events every month so you’ll find something to enjoy year-round”.
- Ann-Catherine Jones, Jones & Turner Travel Associates, Paddington NSW


Joshua Tree National Park, Greater Palm Springs
Joshua Tree National Park, Greater Palm Springs


Talk to your local Travel Associates advisor about adding Palm Springs to your next holiday itinerary.