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Hong Kong Highlights

16th April 2014

Welcome to Hong Kong. There’s no question you’re in a dazzling city full of opportunity and excitement when you look out across the great harbour. You see a flurry of activity and can take in the full scope of one of the most impressive skylines in the world. Hong Kong is a city full of possibility and when it comes to holidaying in this thriving hub, the list of things to see and do is endless. Here are just a few of the top attractions that every visitor should see during their stay in this glamorous metropolis.

Victoria Peak – ‘The Peak’ as it is commonly known as, is one of Honk Kong’s most popular attractions. Offering breathtaking views of the city and harbour below, this magnificent lookout is reached by tram. The historic carriage climbs assuredly up the steep mountain embankment as riders revel in the mountain’s lush tropical beauty and impressive cliff side homes; all the while fleeting glimpses of the great city below can be scene through the tree tops. Reaching the summit, visitors are treated to gorgeous panoramic views of the impressive skyline below. The Peak also features parklands, restaurants and local artists selling their works.

Po Lin Monastery – Offering a fascinating cultural perspective, Po Lin Monastery is located on a high peak overlooking Lantau Island. The monastery features lovely temples and shrines as well as the enormous Tian Tan Buddha statue. At 34 metres tall, this impressive bronze statue of a seated Buddha is one of the largest examples of its kind in the world.  The statue sits on a mountain top pedestal overlooking the peaceful monastery and is visible for miles away. After walking the idyllic grounds make your way to the small restaurant within the monastery grounds and enjoy some local vegetarian dishes, rice and a cup of tea.  For a wonderful birds-eye-view of the island take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car up to the monastery – an efficient, enjoyable way to reach Po Lin.

Flagstaff House – Hong Kong’s oldest remaining building from the British colonial period, Flagstaff House is the former residence of the head of British forces in Hong Kong. This lovely home features stately columns and charming verandas and is today, quite appropriately the site of The Museum of Tea Ware. Built in the early 1840’s, the Greek Revival manor was given to the Hong Kong Government in 1978 and declared an historic monument in 1989.

Hong Kong Museum of History – This spacious and comprehensive museum features engaging displays, exhibits and artefacts, all brought together in rich, compelling detail for the purpose of preserving Hong Kong’s past. The museum holds thousands of engrossing exhibits within 8 separate galleries and features over 50 multi-media programs, all highlighting aspects of Hong Kong’s cultural history and its natural and environmental past. Just some of the eight fascinating museum galleries include Prehistoric Hong Kong, Birth and Early Growth of the City, The Japanese Occupation and Modern Metropolis and the Return to China.          

Can you spot Hong Kong's other famous icons below?