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What to expect from first class and business class

17th April 2014

No matter which great destination you've booked for your holiday, you still have to travel to get there.

That can involve spending a lot of time waiting in queues, dashing to transfers and sitting down for a long flight.

However, the inevitabilities of travel certainly don't have to be arduous experiences. Whether you're flying away for a European adventure or a holiday in New Caledonia, there are some things you can do to make the 'getting there' part more enjoyable.

Have you ever thought about opting for a business class or first class ticket? Here are just some reasons why you might want to consider making the upgrade the next time you decide to wing your way to an exotic destination.

Why fly business or first class? 

Flying business class or first class comes with a higher price tag for a reason - it's just so much more enjoyable! The perks begin before you even step on the plane.

A business or first class ticket will grant you access to an exclusive departure lounge, which will be less crowded, more comfortable and often have a variety of food and drinks on offer. They're great places to get some work done too, with WiFi and power ports. You'll never be left standing without a seat or fighting for the power plug with the masses in these lounges.

When it comes time to board you will be able to enter the plane first - before the cabins get crowded with people storing their overhead luggage. Settle in with a glass of bubbly and make yourself comfortable.

The seating itself is also something to look forward to. When you have booked a business or first class ticket, you will be treated to far more pleasant seats and surroundings. Expect padded recliners with enough room to lie down completely. You'll have plenty of space to stretch out and store your belongings, a refreshing change from your standard flight! Not to mention, the cabins are a lot quieter and you don't need to worry about being kept awake by loud babies or children.

It's no surprise that high quality service is a big part of flying in first or business. You'll notice a big leap in the kind of food you receive - the menu will be a whole lot more delectable with a wider range of gourmet-style options to keep you satiated throughout the flight. There's also usually a wonderful variety of high quality alcohol and spirits if you fancy a tipple as you make your way to your destination. Not only that, the service really will come with a smile, too.

The scope of entertainment is also vastly improved in business and first class. The library of television, movies and music to choose from is far greater, and the screens are much bigger, meaning you can while the hours away watching your absolute favourite shows or listening to your ultimate playlist.

Why are these perks so wonderfully received? There's nothing quite like arriving at your destination feeling well-rested, and ready to tackle the work or activities you have scheduled head-on. Recovering from a flight can take a while, but flying in first class or business class can help to reduce that time significantly.

Start your holiday as soon as you arrive at the airport with a ticket for business or first class, where the attentive, luxurious service begins as soon as you check in. You want to enjoy every moment of your holiday or trip, and flying in this fashion allows you to really make the most of your time.