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Interview: A traveller's view of Hawaii

22nd August 2011

Helene Fuller, a client from Davis & James Travel Associates, recently visited Hawaii and was pleasantly surprised by this Pacific paradise.

Read more about her experience and why she'll be heading back there again soon.

What did you think of Hawaii?  Who would you recommend it to?
Hawaii was just stunning.  Beautiful!!  A hidden treasure.

My husband and I have travelled extensively.  We live in a beautiful coastal part of northern NSW and have spent many holidays at beaches and resorts.

We also thought that Hawaii might be a bit ‘tacky’ and ‘touristy’.  It was simply magnificent.  Not only would I recommend it to others, Hawaii is on my ‘must do often’ destination list.

Where did you stay and what did you think of your accommodation?
We stayed at the Moana Outrigger.  It is a stunning hotel – built in the early 1900s and

used a lot by Americans during war years.  It has been refurbished many times.  It has the most magnificent banyan tree, with a bar and restaurant where we spent many hours chatting about our trip, enjoying cocktails and watching turtles, dolphins and simply enjoying ‘being’.

The foyer and entry are superb with interesting art displays and locally made traditional treasures.  The rooms were well appointed with magnificent and extensive ocean views.  Again watching the turtles swimming among the people enjoying the crystal clear waters was one of those magic moments that will stay with me forever.

Did you do any activities while you were in Hawaii?
No we didn’t.  We were simply enjoying ourselves so much, we got lost in our own world at the Outrigger resort.

We took a couple of strolls down the nearby streets – they were quaint with lots interesting shops and markets with both local and imported products.

What would you tell people are the 3 “must do” things in Hawaii and why?
Enjoy the scenery
Enjoy the people
Enjoy the restaurants

All were beautiful.  All demonstrated the culture and beauty of Hawaii.

Would you go back to Hawaii?

Yes, as soon as I can.

Which consultant did you book your trip with?  How did you find his/her service?
Penny from Davis & James Travel Associates did all of our bookings.  She was fantastic.  Penny gave us great tips on what to see and where to go.  She also helped us scheduled our travel to make sure we maximised every opportunity.

Penny was able to anticipate our needs and was intuitive in matching the things she thought we would like to do with our itinerary.

Would thoroughly recommend her as a travel consultant and will definitely ask her for her advice on our next trip.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Just to reiterate that Hawaii was a hidden treasure.

I almost had a prejudice and felt quite convinced that whilst I would enjoy my short sojourn in Hawaii, it would not be on my list of ‘must do again.’    To be honest, I don’t have many places that I feel I must go back and visit (other than London, Paris and New York), but for me Hawaii is special.  It will always have a special place in my heart.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.