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Highlights of Hawaii

29th July 2011

Kim from Ross & Turner Travel Associates recalls her 2008 experience in Hawaii.

I hadn’t been to Hawaii for over 10 years so I wasn’t sure what to expect this time around. I flew Hawaiian Airlines via Waikiki and the first stop was the outer island itself. The view from the plane was breathtaking. I saw a hardened lava landscape, scattered with numerous oases just waiting to be explored.

I was staying at the beautiful Fairmont resort which sat on the coastline amongst this dramatic landscape. The resort was divine and offered the greatest service I have ever received, anywhere in the world. The accommodation was so remarkable that I stayed idle and enjoyed the resort facilities for five days.

Eventually, I ventured out and enjoyed an island tour. I’m so glad I did. The excursion was eye-opening. We visited an active volcano and were lucky enough to witness its red, hot lava - the absolute highlight of my Hawaiian holiday. It was also good to get out and about and feel the many different climate zones that Hawaii has to offer; of the 13 found in the world, 11 can be experienced on the big island.

After exploring the big island, I flew back to Waikiki for three nights for a conference. I stayed at Halekulani, which is renowned for being Waikiki’s best hotel. After coming from The Fairmont, my expectations were high but it still made a strong impression; I loved its relaxed atmosphere and the behind-the-scenes service. It was all their little, personalised touches that made the difference.

Going to Waikiki was like stepping back in time; it hasn’t really changed in the past decade, yet I absolutely loved it.

My experience is only half the story. Share yours in the comments section below.