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Japan: a land of cultural delights

24th August 2012

We'll let you in on a secret: autumn or winter is a superb time to visit Japan. Despite what others may tell you, this island nation comes to life in the cooler months; striking red & yellow leaves decorate the horizon in autumn, and its temples are beautifully snow-capped in winter. Not to mention, you can escape the crowds and truly soak up the rich tradition that surrounds you.

Equipped with a Japan Rail Pass, you can experience the most efficient train network in the world and cover a lot of ground in a short space of time. Explore the diversity of this destination; from the spiritual spaces of Kyoto to the bustling capital of Tokyo.

Whether you choose to showcase your karaoke skills or go large at the Sumo Wrestling Tournament you'll soon realise there is much more to this amazing country than just sushi and sake.

Japan offers an exquisite balance of modern society and deep tradition.  Japanese people have a highly unique approach to everything from cuisine, leisure, and recreation making Japan an unforgettable destination.

Japan strikes a perfect balance between truly exotic experiences and the comforts of travelling in a highly modern country. Where else can you have your neatly-arranged Bento Box Lunch on a bullet train, travelling over 250km per hour, to visit temples which are more than a thousand years old?

Thoroughness  is another signature highlight of Japanese culture. Whether it comes in the form of exquisitely prepared cuisine or impeccable hospitality, the attention to detail is present everywhere you go and in everything you do.

Outside of the glittering lights of its vibrant cities, Japan boasts natural beauty through its mountain ranges, coastlines, and varied climates that can range from Winter Wonderland (Hokkaido) to Beach Paradise (Okinawa). There are an abundance of activities available, from: skiing & snowboarding, surfing and mountain climbing and soaking in a traditional onsen (hot spring).  This diverse destination will keep even the most active traveler engaged.

- Travel Associates

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