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Kauai – Nature at its Finest

5th November 2014

The western most islet of Hawaii’s main islands, Kauai is the oldest and the smallest. Formed thousands of years ago by thunderous volcanoes, the island is now home to lush tropical rainforests, towering mountains and dramatic canyons. And with a higher than average rainfall in some parts of Kauai, it’s no wonder that this breathtaking place is referred to as the ‘garden island.’

Travel Associates consultant Christina Millington recently enjoyed some time on Kauai and found that this is no ordinary destination. This Hawaiian paradise is much more rural than the other main islands and as such the atmosphere and lifestyle is very laid back. “There is a nearby island that just has indigenous people on it,” said Christina, and “they are trying to keep it traditional.” But while Kauai’s quiet, low key character may not be quite this remote, much of the island remains untouched.

Some of the must see attractions on Kauai include Lighthouse Peninsula and Waimea Canyon.  Over one hundred years old, the Kilauea Lighthouse is situated on a rocky peninsula where the high cliff tops offer stunning views of the ocean below. A wildlife refuge makes up much of the land on the peninsula and it’s an ideal spot for bird watching.

Waimea Canyon bears a striking resemblance to the mainland’s Grand Canyon but with more plant life and greenery. At over a kilometre deep, Waimea provides a revealing insight into the geological history of this ancient landscape. Koke’e State Park surrounds the canyon and camping and hiking are permitted. Imagine waking up to this picturesque canyon in the morning!

With some of the best beaches in Hawaii, Kauai is a haven for water sport enthusiasts. Snorkelling, surfing and swimming are all popular activities along the mostly deserted beaches. Just as impressive, the island’s interior offers exhilarating hiking and biking trails, many of which meander through dense rainforest and along the island’s navigable rivers where kayaking can be enjoyed.

If you’re looking for nature at its finest, then a trip to Kauai is a must. Daily connections are available via Honolulu as well as direct service from several U.S. west coast cities.

For Christina, travelling is one of her biggest passions, and as a professional travel consultant for close to 15 years, she enjoys assisting her clients with all their travel plans. Call Christina today at Thorpe & Turner Travel Associates in Hobart and get your next holiday off to a brilliant start.