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Luxurious Fiji Resorts to Inspire Your Daydreams

27th October 2017

Fiji extended a warm welcome to me from the moment I arrived. As I entered the customs hall at Nadi International Airport, three ukulele players serenaded me, and this warmth continued throughout the trip. At each new island I was greeted with a welcome song and a necklace, and I’d always be sent off to the beautiful strains of “Isa Lei”, the farewell song.

With this kind of hospitality setting the scene for my exploration of the finest Fiji resorts, it’s no wonder I wanted to stay forever.

Castaway Island Fiji.jpg

Castaway Island Fiji Resort
Image: Castaway Island Fiji

Castaway Island, Fiji

Castaway Island is a private island resort that does a fantastic job of catering for all types. From the quiet pool area for adults and older kids to the Kid’s Club, there is something to suit everyone.

If you do decide to leave your little ones in Kid’s Club, they’re in for a cultural treat. It’s not just a matter of supervised inside play; the children will go coconut hunting, take traditional Fijian dance classes, and gather shells to make necklaces.

Another highlight was the Beach Bures, which live up to their name; you can’t get much more beach front than this! I left the blinds open overnight and woke up to the sounds of the ocean and incredible tropical views.

Cloud 9.jpg

Cloud 9 Fiji
Image: Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 isn't exactly a Fiji resort but it’s too remarkable not to mention!

This floating two-story venue is like no other place on earth, set in the bluest of blue water. This trendy bar is marooned in the middle of the islands, yet world-renowned DJs play here often. It is absolutely THE place to be!

If you’re feeling up for some pre-cocktail activity you can jump off the top level into the crystal clears water and swim out to the closest reef for some amazing snorkelling.

Sheraton Tokoriki.jpg

Sheraton Tokoriki Fiji Resort
Image: Sheraton Tokoriki Resort

Sheraton Tokoriki

A resort rejuvenation of Sheraton Tokoriki was still finishing up during my visit, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I had the opportunity to meet local craftsman Nemani, a wood carver who was hand carving a story onto the wooden pylons at the entrance to each room.

Fabulous snorkelling was easy to get to - a quick lift from the staff on the jet ski out to the "drop off" and you were ready to plunge into a glorious underwater world.  

Tokoriki Island Resort.JPG

Tokoriki Island Resort
Image: Tokoriki Island Resort

Tokoriki Island Resort

Tokoriki Island was one of my favourite Fiji resorts - it's romantic, refined and relaxed, and they do a whole lot of little things right. This adults-only resort is high end but still has a very traditional Fijian feel. The staff members are always happy and the food is delicious, with the menu changing every day.

I highly recommend the unlimited massage deal - it’s a no brainer at FJD370 for three days. You can choose from traditional massage, bamboo technique, or the Fijian BoBo massage, where you are pampered with pure coconut oil.

Vomo Island Resort.jpg

Vomo Island Resort Fiji
Image: Vomo Island Resort

Vomo Island Fiji Resort

Vomo Island was my pick of all the islands we visited - it's definitely on the list to return to with my loved ones.

Although at first it may seem expensive, Vomo offers great value. Meals and non-alcoholic beverages are all included, and chosen from an a la carte menu. In my humble opinion, Vomo Island Resort makes the best coffee in Fiji!

Each Beachfront Villa has its own patio and grass area, with a hammock overlooking the amazing blue waters. As well as the delectable dining, there were lots of complimentary inclusions like a daily snorkelling tour, cooking demonstrations, and a weekly Meke (traditioanl Fiji performance) and Lovo, which is a traditional meal cooked in the ground.

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The Beach House Paradise Cove.jpg

The Beach House Paradise Cove Resort Fiji
Image: The Beach Houses, Paradise Cover Resort

Paradise Cove

My Paradise Cove highlight was the The Beach Houses; private, two-bedroom houses located on the island opposite to the actual resort. With a private boat at your disposal you can have the privacy you want, but easily access all the resort facilities.

While staying at Paradise Cove, we also enjoyed a visit to Soso Village, where we were welcomed by the chief at a traditional kava ceremony. Then we took a visit to the local school to drop off some much needed school supplies, and were welcomed by beautiful smiling, singing Fijian children. The kindergarten building has still not been fixed since Cyclone Winston, so the teacher takes the kindy kids to her house each day for their lessons!

Viwa Resort Fiji2.jpg

Viwa Island Fiji Resort
Image: Viwa Island Resort Fiji

Viwa Island Resort

This exclusive adults-only resort boasts just 11 beach front bures. Traditionally crafted with high ceilings and thatched roofs, the airy bures are filled with clean, modern furnishings with flourishes of tradition.

This is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a total escape, and most of the time the lapping of the waves and wind is the only thing you will hear. However, on the weekends don’t miss the Meke dance show. Viwa’s Meke was stunningly powerful, and definitely the best I saw in Fiji. 

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