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Magical Moments in the Maldives

8th November 2011

Travel Associates client, Wayne McDonald, recalls his stay at the marvellous, Conrad Maldives Hotel on Rangali Island..

From the moment we stepped off the seaplane, to the time the plane door shut again on our departure, resort staff members Katherine and MaryAnn were available to assist. MaryAnn rearranged her schedule to ensure we had adequate time to enjoy the Ithaa (mother of pearl) experience.

Katherine showed us an excellent time in the Cheese and Wine Bar, and I felt as if I had just caught up with an old friend.

 I was so impressed with all of the departments and the amazing people that worked within them:

Chefs Mark and Martin took our taste buds to a new level. The personal touch of them coming over to the table and introducing themselves and later, proving us with a taste of the Maldives was a special moment which we really appreciated.

Sarah, from the dive centre, looked after us by sorting out our snorkel equipment and hosting us on the whale shark safari. The fact we did not spot a whale shark the whole time, made for a great laugh and means there is now good reason for us to go back.

The spa staff looked after us  so well and were especially considerate when we had to reschedule.  I would also like to make special mention of the pre-massage experience, with the aromatic oils resting just under my nose while I listened to the soft words "Take a deep breath and enjoy your treatment". Unfortunately, I cannot remember my therapist's name...which proves just how relaxed I was.

I had such a wonderful time, I got teary as I waved goodbye from the plane.

- Wayne McDonald

My experience is only half the story.  Share yours in the comments section below. 

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