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Emerging trend: adult-only resorts

16th October 2013

In what could easily signify an emerging trend in the travel market, certain resorts, hotels and holiday spots around the world are beginning to rebrand themselves as Adults Only (AO) destinations.

One of the latest to make the change is Occidental Hotels and Resorts, which announced in mid-August that they would switch to AO from November 1 this year.

The Costa Rican resort is the second of Occidental's chain to adopt the idea and will be the first hotel in the country to do so. Anyone over the age of 18, couples or singles, can ask their travel agent to book in a stay at the resort and enjoy a holiday with no children running around the accommodation - guaranteed.

Their decision was based on the growing trend of adult visitors asking specifically for an AO experience.

As much as most people love the joy and laughter of children, just as many head away on holiday to escape the responsibilities of raising kids and are sometimes disappointed to arrive at their destination to find the pool already packed with pre-teens and toddlers.

Not surprisingly then, the Costa Rican resort is not alone in its shift in clientele.

New York's Glenmare Mansion and The Out are part of the group, as is Ponta dos Ganchos in Brazil and Yellow Lagos Meia Praia Hotel in Lagos, Portugal.

Most AO resorts are located in beach-front areas, which makes them ideal for dedicating their services to sophisticated dining options and recreational activities such as soothing beachfront massages and couples cooking classes.

Other resorts, though not officially labelled a kid-free zone, pride themselves on being able to offer couples a private and romantic holiday experience. One particular leader in this field is Alila.

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