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Scenic’s Europe: The Right Choice for River Cruising

13th May 2019

There is a reason Scenic has a high rate – 70% – of return customers. It’s the level of service, the range of itineraries, the elegance and style of the Scenic Space-Ships and the experience gained over three decades of cruising Europe’s rivers.


Scenic Sapphire
Scenic Sapphire

It’s also the fact that everything is included, from dining and beverages – even your minibar – to Scenic Freechoice & Scenic Enrich activities, airport transfers, tipping and gratuities and the services of an experienced butler. Sometimes, with early booking options, flights are also included.

Scenic offers diverse itineraries on the famous waterways of Europe, from the time-honoured waters of the Danube, the Rhine and the Rhone to the Volga, the Douro, the Moselle and the Saône.


The Douro River along the Ribeira in Porto, Portugal
The Douro River along the Ribeira in Porto, Portugal

The beauty of a Scenic river cruise is that the Space-Ships are small enough to dock right in the heart of a city or town. Just walk off the ship onto an often-medieval quay in the heart of the destination; no long transfers or waiting times. It really adds to the experience when you when can take in the view over buildings dating back centuries from the sun deck, or from your own spacious cabin. There is nothing like being lulled to sleep by the sounds of the river lapping on the hull; you just don’t get that on a land tour.


The Royal Owners Suite
The Royal Owners Suite

Scenic also offers excellent tours in every location, with Enrich encounters giving you access to experiences not available to the ordinary traveller. And with Scenic’s Freechoice tours, you can choose tours that are at a more relaxed pace or try and squeeze in as much as possible in each place.

What’s new and what’s great in 2020

New in 2020 is the Russia River Cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg with Scenic National Geographic Expeditions, with a National Geographic photographer and a National Geographic Russian expert on board. Exploring the heritage of the Golden Ring and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kizhi Pogist in Lake Onega, as well as the astonishing palaces of St Petersburg, will fill your memory card in no time.


Kizhi Pogist in Lake Onega, Russia
Kizhi Pogist in Lake Onega, Russia

In Portugal, the 11-day Unforgettable Douro cruise onboard Scenic Azure will sweep you down the Douro, showcasing the many delights of the region, including exclusive wine tasting experiences and culturally-fascinating towns.

The Spectacular South of France itinerary onboard the Scenic Sapphire is new in 2020 and is jam packed with highlights up the Saône and Rhône Rivers. Chateau de Cormatin in Tournus is magnificent, as is the architecture of Les Hospices de Beaune and the Caverne du Pont-Arc Museum, which tells the story of the 30,000-year-old cave art in the Chauvet Cave.

Chauvet Cave.jpg

Chauvet Cave in Caverne du Pont-Arc Museum, France
Chauvet Cave in Caverne du Pont-Arc Museum

Oberammergau’s legendary once-a-decade Passion Play is on in 2020 and Scenic has four new itineraries to tie in with this spectacle, on between May and September.

Now is the time to explore Europe on a relaxing, luxury Scenic cruise. Talk to our cruise specialists about booking your cruise holiday today.