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Small Group Touring with Peregrine and Intrepid

8th May 2019

Considering a solo adventure, but unsure about travelling independently? Or maybe you’re happy to travel with a group; but the thought of filing into large coaches and following a guide holding an umbrella doesn’t interest or appeal to you. The answer to your travel woes? Small group tours – the perfect solution.

In the company of a just a handful of like-minded travellers, a small group tour will take you a little off the beaten track, while still ticking off the bucket list highlights, so you can enjoy a balanced and authentic travel experience that’s focused on real-life connections and cultural encounters.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about logistics. Relax and leave it in the hands of trusted experts so you can travel with peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of. You’ll be comfortable and safe thanks to a team of passionate travel professionals and locals who genuinely care about showing you the very best of a destination in all its glory.

Peregrine Adventures and Intrepid Travel are two touring companies that have perfected the art of small group travel.

Authentic local experiences and responsible travel

While Peregrine and Intrepid are unique in certain ways, they are guided by the same values and principles.

One of the greatest benefits for travellers is that both understand that it’s the locals who know a destination best. That’s why they always use local guides to be your friendly travel experts on the ground, as they’re the ones who know the area like the back of their own hand.

it’s also one of the reasons why unique, curated experiences are an essential part of the journey. It might be visiting a local gallery and meeting the artists in Mexico or learning how to cook delicious pastries with a local women in Macedonia. Small group tours open so many doors, and the experiences you will find are endless.

Want some time to explore on your own? No worries. Both Peregrine and Intrepid have designed their small group journeys while keeping this in mind. They carefully structure itineraries to include a balance of included experiences and free time so you can pursue your interests or see what’s around that corner.

Another bonus worth mentioning is that both Peregrine and Intrepid maintain an awareness of responsible travel practices –giving back to the destinations they visit, supporting local economies, carbon offsetting every trip, and advocating for ethical tourism practices.

The key differences

At the heart of each operator, both Peregrine and Intrepid share many common goals, they are a few key differences between the two. Typically, travellers seeking a premium experience and those who fall in the 40 to 60 age brackets will turn towards Peregrine.

Peregrine offers premium adventures to over 80 destinations, with a guaranteed maximum group number of just 12 people. They offer many different themed trip styles, from a food collection to polar, walking, wildlife tours and many more.

Peregrine boasts hand-picked accommodation with a focus on amenities such as private bathrooms and air-conditioning and great locations. They also opt for comfort and elegance when it comes to transport, with most tours featuring private air-conditioned minibuses with modern safety features.


Peregrine Minibus
Peregrine Minibus

However, some travellers may enjoy the travel style that Intrepid offers and with it, the fact that it can often end up a more affordable local adventure.

Intrepid offers over 1,000 trips in 100 countries, often using local transport and with three different travel styles to choose from including Basix, Original and Comfort. Group sizes do vary, with the average group size just ten people.

At their higher end, Intrepid’s Comfort trips typically enjoy a more relaxed pace of travel, hotels with a few creature comforts, private amenities with plenty of character, plus more included activities and many meals along the way.

Feeling adventurous? A small group tour with Intrepid Travel or Peregrine Adventures is certainly is a wonderful way to see the world.