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Take a hike in Tasmania

29th September 2014

Tasmania is an island of incredible natural beauty, featuring breathtaking beaches, lush forest, jagged mountain peaks and plenty more.

For keen hikers, it's also a veritable paradise. There are so many walking trails on offer, from paths ideal for beginners to those only the most experienced hikers should undertake.

The sheer variety of landscapes you can experience on this one island is almost unbelievable until you visit and see it for yourself.

Take a holiday to Tasmania and see just why it's an oasis for those who love to hike.

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

If you want to experience ruggedly beautiful, empty and expansive beaches, take the Bay of Fires Lodge Walk. This will introduce you to untouched coastal destinations and their unparalleled natural splendour.

What's more, your walk will be enhanced by your stay at the award-winning Bay of Fires Lodge, which is renowned for its beautiful facilities and great hospitality.

This walk departs from the city of Launceston and takes four days to complete, with a distance between 23 and 30km. A stint of kayaking is also included in the experience.

It's not a difficult walk, ranging from easy to moderate, however it offers up some simply astounding views.

The Walls of Jerusalem walk

With a name like "The Walls of Jerusalem" you know this experience is going to be grand. A four-day experience, this walk is moderate in difficulty and spans around 30 to 40km in distance, departing from Launceston.

Along the way, you'll be treated to panoramas of the Tasmanian highlands. Climb Mt Jerusalem itself, check out King David's Peak and enjoy being surrounded by true wilderness. You will be far from the interruptions of modern life here, so be prepared to fully surrender to a simpler way of being filled with once-in-a-lifetime views and experiences.

The Overland Track

This is the quintessential Tasmanian hike. If you embark upon the 65km, six-day adventure, you'll complete the experience with a wonderful appreciation of the sheer variety Tasmania has to offer.

You'll head right through the world renowned Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, which is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Be prepared for a physical challenge, with some parts of the walk steep and difficult, so be sure you're fit before you undertake this journey.

Highlights include valleys that have been carved out by glaciers, eucalypt forest, alpine meadows, lush and old rainforest and of course stunning views of Cradle Mountain itself. There are a number of side walks you can take too if you feel you have the energy and the time, so stock up on maps and see what takes your fancy.

South Coast Track

If you want to explore more of Tasmania's wild and inspiring scenery, take the South Coast Track. This is for experienced hikers only, as it's challenging terrain and the weather can change quickly - so if you decide to tackle this track, make sure you're self-sufficient before you leave.

If you do opt to take this route, you will traverse along 85km of remote land between Melaleuca and Cockle Creek. The average time it takes to complete the walk varies between 6 and 8 days, with some people going more slowly to enjoy the beaches along the way.

What can experienced and well-prepared hikers expect walking along this path? A wonderful experience brimming with incredible views that few people will ever get the chance to see. From verdant forest teeming with life to long stretches of coast home to a huge array of bird and marine life, this walk will leave you awestruck.

If you're interested in how you can travel to Tasmania and experience hiking in such beautiful landscapes, contact the experienced and well travelled consultants at Travel Associates by email , calling 13 70 71 or visiting your nearest store.