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Venture off the beaten path in New York

1st October 2014

New York is one of those destinations everybody has to visit in a lifetime. There's something about the city that just captures the imagination and enchants everybody who walks its streets and gets a taste of its pizza and bagels.

Here's some of what you can do in New York aside from visiting the main, well-known attractions, such as Times Square and Central Park.

Discover a fairy tale at Boldt Castle

Some places in the world look like they come straight out of a story book, and Boldt Castle is one of these places. The story behind it is truly romantic and inspiring. It is said that construction began on the castle in the year 1900, when millionaire George C. Boldt decided he wanted to build a dream home to dedicate to his wife Louise. Tragically, shortly before the building's construction was complete, Louise died, and George was so heartbroken he ceased all work on the site and left it empty.

These days, you can visit the castle dedicated to love, which has been carefully restored to its potential. Explore the main castle building itself, and visit other highlights such as the entry arch, gazebo, gardens, tower and dove house.

Boldt Castle is found in the St Lawrence Rivers' 1000 Islands area, and is accessible by boat tour daily between 10 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Admission is $8.50 for adults and $6 for children, with those aged 5 and under admitted for free.

Discover art and culture at Dia:Beacon

If you want to see artwork from some of the world's most impressive contemporary artists, head to Dia:Beacon. Here, you can view a magnificent collection featuring works by everybody from Andy Warhol to Donald Judd and Agnes Martin. The art within spans the 1960s to the present day.

Even the gallery's very location is stunning. You'll find it nestled along the banks of the Hudson River in a building that used to operate as a box printing factory. The grounds are huge, almost 300,000 square feet in size, so you can imagine just how much awe-inspiring art you'll find inside.

Peruse the various galleries that present a single artist's work at a time, or check out the calendar to coincide your visit with a Gallery Talk, tour or other special occasion.

Visit the Great Camp Sagamore National Historic Landmark

Trade in the hustle and bustle of city streets to step back in time with a visit to the Great Sagamore National Historic Landmark at Raquette Lake.

This is home to a total of 27 historic buildings in a pristine natural environment. The first structures of the camp date back to 1895, when William West Durant began building on the site. In 1901, he sold it on to A.G. Vanderbilt, whose family went on to manage the estate.

The beautiful area is now open to the public, and you can stay at the camp for a weekend retreat or take a tour of the area. A tour will take you into places like the beautiful old Main Lodge, which features a dining hall that seats 84 people - and there's even a bowling alley on site!

You can also witness artists honing traditional craft-making techniques, such as woollen rug braiding, cedar canvas canoe building, blacksmithing and herb and native plant gardening.

In addition to this, special events are held here throughout the year, such as the Craft Brewing Camp, Women in the Woods Weekend and Mountain Music and Dance Retreat.

If you're interested in travelling to New York, talk to a travel agent today and begin your adventure off the beaten path of the city.