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The Magic of Peru

14th June 2012

Travel Associates uncovers pure Peru...

Machu Picchu attracts more than 2,000 tourists each day but not many of those visitors have the privilege of experiencing a private tour of the renowned Inca site nor do they get the opportunity to board the luxurious Hiram Bingham train. Named after the American, Hiram Bingham, who uncovered the ruins, this is one of the world's great train journeys boasting two dining cars and an observation car.

Another must-see is the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, which features an impressive stained-glass depiction of Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper. The history of Peru is both beautiful and fascinating.

Though this country typically evokes images of Machu Piccu and the Inca empire, there is a lot more to this diverse destination than most pocket travel guides let on. Admire South America's beautiful art, learn about their customs and rituals and be enlightened by the long legacy of wisdom.

Peru is a popular destination for nature lovers, boasting 20% of the world's birds and 10% of the world's reptiles.  If you're after an experience that will really ruffle your feathers, travel into the heart of the rainforest to catch a glimpse of rare wildlife, like the toucan, jaguar and giant river otter.

You'll soon feel the effects of a jam-packed itinerary but rest assured, there are plenty of divine places to sit, relax and satisfy your appetite. With over 40,000 restaurants across the country, your taste-buds will take great delight in the vast offerings of flavours and aromas available. Mixed traditions of Europe, Arabia, China and Africa certainly make for a very unique cuisine.

If you get the chance, cruise the Galapagos Islands and embrace the rare opportunity to snorkel with sea lions and get up close and personal with blue-footed boobies and giant tortoises. This is a place where memories are made, so be sure to pack your camera.

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