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The Most Breathtaking Places to Visit in Switzerland

15th May 2017

You may not realise it, but you've already seen images of Switzerland’s most spectacular points of interest.

Scenes of Swiss splendour are so striking that they are frequently used to represent the pinnacle of beauty, and make regular appearances on bucket list Pinterest boards around the world.

Get ready to lose your breath as we take you on a photographic journey through one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.

Landwasser Viaduct.jpg

Landwasser Viaduct Switzerland
Upon its completion in 1902 the Landwasser Viaduct was considered an architectural marvel

Landwasser Viaduct

Straight out of a story book, this soaring, 65-metre high viaduct spans the Landwasser River in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Glorious in summer or winter, the surrounding forest creates a stunning backdrop that ensures it is one of the most iconic places to visit in Switzerland.

Chillon Castle.jpg

Chillon Castle, Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Archaeologists have found evidence of human occupation at the site of Chillon dating back to the Bronze Age

Chillon Castle

Lord  Byron himself was initially lost for words to describe the beauty of Chillon Castle.

Rising majestically from the shores of Lake Geneva, Chillon was once a Roman outpost that watched over the strategic route through the Alpine passes. Today the castle is among the most popular historic places to visit in Switzerland, with a heritage that dates back as far as 1055. 

Bernese Oberland (2).jpg

Bernese Oberland Switzerland
The steep incline of the Bernese Alps necessitates the use of cogwheel trains, which mesh with a toothed rack rail

Bernese Oberland

Every postcard scene you’ve imagined of Switzerland is yours to enjoy in the Bernese Oberland region. A diverse landscape of snow capped mountains, crystal lakes and alpine hamlets will drift past as you goggle from the window of a cogwheel train.

Zermatt VAlley.jpg

Zermatt, Switzerland
Look out for the many drinking fountains throughout Zermatt - the town is famous for its natural springs


The town of Zermatt lies at the foot of the mighty Matterhorn, and is the heart of a region known as “Matterhorn glacier paradise”. To make sure that no pollution could obscure the views of the world’s most famous mountain, Zermatt was declared a car-free zone. Only battery and electrical vehicles are permitted, ensuring that a stroll through the cobbled streets is a peaceful contrast to the rush hour of everyday life.   

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Gornergrat Station.jpg

Gornergrat Switzerland Swiss Alps
Gornergrat Station opened in 1898 at a staggering 3,089 metres above sea level


There are some views that will render even the most seasoned traveller absolutely speechless. At the viewing platform of the Gornergrat, mountains and glaciers stretch out before you on a scope that takes a moment of stunned silence to comprehend. This rocky ridge of the alps has long been known as one of Switzerland’s must-see places to visit, and is among the best spots for viewing the Matterhorn in all its glory.  

Mt Pilatus and Lake Lucerne.jpg

Lake Lucerne Switzerland
The moonlight shining on Lake Lucerne was the inspiration for the title of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Lake Lucerne

Set sail from Interlaken on a cruise through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Swiss Alps. The four arms of Lake Lucerne are bordered by magnificent mountains, luscious forests and picturesque towns. A cruise on its aquamarine waters promises a constantly changing view of alpine scenes that are each more gorgeous than the last.

St Moritz.jpg

St Moritz Switzerland
St Moritz has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, once in 1928 and the other in 1948

St Moritz

Impossibly beautiful and increasingly chic, St Moritz is one of the world’s premier alpine resorts. A location blessed by the elements grants the town over 300 days of sunshine a year. Visitors enjoy hiking, sailing and kite surfing in the summer, while skiers are tempted with over 350 kilometres of run that sparkle invitingly in the winter sunshine.

Chapel Bridge Lucerne.jpg

The Chapel Bridge Lucerne, Switzerland
The picturesque Chapel Bridge in Lucerne was named for the nearby St Peter's Chapel

The Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

The oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe is beautiful both inside and out. The Chapel Bridge was built in 1333 as part of Lucerne’s fortifications, and the internal wooden frames were decorated with paintings of Lucerne’s history.

While fire destroyed most of the original 158 paintings, 30 have been restored to their former glory and adorn this enchanting walkway across the Reuss.

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