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Travel Alert: Arctic Storm Sweeps Over Europe

27th February 2018

An Arctic storm dubbed 'the beast from the east' is impacting parts of Europe and is expected to bring snow and freezing temperatures to the UK over the coming days.

Rome was blanketed in snow on Monday (local time) with schools and businesses closed and public transport brought to a halt.  The snow has since mostly melted but due to the freezing temperatures, ice is an issue for people on the streets of the city now.

The storm has been progressively moving across the continent, from the east, towards the south west.  Parts of Germany have recorded temperatures as low as -27C (-16.6F) and other Western European countries including France, Austria and Sweden are also experiencing freezing temperatures and snow.

In the UK:

  • Snow is also falling in parts of the UK and a beach in Somerset has even seen the ocean begin to freeze.  Widespread snow is expected in the coming days.
  • People across Britain were advised to get home as early as possible on Monday 26 February as trains and buses were expected to be cancelled or delayed.
  • Further disruptions to public transport are expected.
  •  Customers should reconfirm flights and allow plenty of time to travel to/from airports.
  • British Airways (BA) has cancelled a number of services and has provided some information on their website on the impact to flights.
  • Tourists and visitors are advised to take great care driving in the stormy conditions and avoid unnecessary travel where possible.
  • These weather conditions are expected to remain for a number of days.

If you believe your travel plans may be impacted, contact your airline directly, or speak to your Travel Associates Travel Advisor.