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Ultimate Expedition Cruising: the National Geographic Endurance

30th September 2019

We are a race that was born to explore. Humans have always burned to discover new horizons, and today there are few places in the world that can be considered truly remote. If you’re hungry to explore the most isolated regions of the world in comfort, then Lindblad Expeditions is the answer you’re looking for.

It’s an impressive achievement to hold a constant place on the cutting edge when it comes to quality, comfort and unique destinations in expedition cruising. The Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic Endurance is an example of how Lindblad Expeditions continues to raise the bar for those seeking more than a holiday.


Next-generation design

With a completion date scheduled for early 2020, the National Geographic Endurance is a purpose-built expedition ship created specifically for polar expeditions. She’s a fully stabilised, highly strengthened, ice-class Polar Code PC5 (Category A) vessel, designed to navigate polar passages year round and safely explore unchartered waters.

The patented X-BOW® is the key: the bow tapers to a powerful, wave-slicing edge to ensure a smooth ride even through polar waters. This unique design also reduces the spray that blows back on deck, increasing the comfort of passengers marvelling at their surrounds from topside.


Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Endurance
Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Endurance


Your tools for exploration

A range of advanced expedition tools includes a fleet of Zodiacs: lightweight vessels that allow passengers to make landfall on areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. The National Geographic Endurance also boasts a remotely operated vehicle that can descend and film far beyond the reach of a scuba diver, revealing views of the ocean in areas that are as unexplored as the moon.

There’s also a fleet of kayaks, a video microscope and a hydrophone that invites you to listen to the voices of sea-dwelling mammals. As humpback whales frolic in the waters around the ship you can hear their vocalisations over the PA system, adding a whole new level to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Zodiac excursion with Lindblad-National Geographic
Zodiac excursion with Lindblad-National Geographic


Artistic immersion

Lindblad Expeditions invites you to discover remote polar destinations in an awe-inspiring range of interpretations. The National Geographic Endurance is enhanced by artwork that is dedicated to examining and expressing responses to vulnerable polar geographies. Acclaimed artist Zaria Forman assembled and curated Change, the world’s first, ship-based installation. Forman’s astonishing pastel icescapes are the centrepiece of the permanent ship-wide exhibition.


Zaria Forman's installation on the National Geographic Endurance
Zaria Forman's installation on the National Geographic Endurance


The Lindblad Expeditions – National Geographic difference

The National Geographic Endurance is setting new benchmarks when it comes to cruise ships, but Lindblad Expeditions have been leaders in expedition cruising for over 50 years.

A dedication to helping passengers fully immerse themselves in the world’s most remarkable destinations means every Lindblad expedition offers exploration tools that help you dive deeper in every sense of the world. A resident underwater specialist dives frequently during the voyage to reveal strikingly clear images of the seldom-seen world beneath the vessel. 

A National Geographic photographer and certified Lindblad-National Geographic instructors are also aboard all departures to help photo enthusiasts of all levels capture the magic of their adventure to its best advantage. There is also a photo gear locker equipped with cameras, lenses, binoculars and more for guests to try aboard.


Photography with Lindblad-National Geographic
Photography with Lindblad-National Geographic

The crew could include any number of naturalists, historians and filmmakers, as well as a highly trained staff of expedition sailors. All are eager to engage, guide and teach you as you explore amidst the realms of their passion. You just never know who you might be sitting next to at dinner!



Life aboard the National Geographic Endurance

The National Geographic Endurance carries 126 guests: the perfect number of passengers to inspire comradery without crowds. All of the stylish cabins face outwards and feature large windows or balconies as well as a cosy sitting area. There’s even an expedition command centre, where you’ll receive real-time updates on a customised tablet.


Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Endurance
Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Endurance

Two restaurants serving delicious local choices offer unassigned seating, allowing the flexibility of mingling with your fellow expeditioners in one community seating time.

Capitalise on your rejuvenating surrounds by booking a session with one of Lindblad Expedition’s wellness specialists, who offer massage, spa and wellness treatments. Take a class in the glass-walled yoga studio, work up a sweat in the gym, or relax in one of two saunas while drinking in ocean views.


Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Endurance
Lindblad Expeditions National Geographic Endurance


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