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Have a unique experience at the Whitsunday Islands

30th July 2014

Australia's Whitsunday Islands, located in tropical Queensland, are famed for their luxury, with a number of high-quality resorts and adventurous pursuits on offer.

No matter what you like to do while you're on holiday, whether it's relaxing in a pool or spa, exploring the underwater world or strolling through emerald jungle, there is something for everybody.

Here are some of the unique and decadent options available to you when travelling in the Whitsunday Islands. Prepare to be treated to some wonderful, high-end experiences to remember.

What to do at the Whitsunday Islands

The 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays are a treasure trove of natural beauty and activity. Despite them being so close to mainland Australia, you'll feel like you've arrived at a far-flung tropical paradise.

For your first taste of the stunning features the islands have to offer, pay a visit to Hamilton Island, a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity that will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated like nothing else. With a reputation for fine dining, stunning panoramic views and the lush Hamilton Island Golf Club and Yacht Club to occupy your days, you won't want for a thing. At the island's resorts you will be treated to attentive service, comfortable rooms and opulent surrounds. To top it all off, the island plays host to some truly wonderful spa facilities so you can really settle in and get comfortable.

For a change of pace, what about peacefully snorkelling and diving with manta rays in their natural habitat? This is possible around the Whitsundays, but is a particularly stunning experience at the beautiful Manta Ray Bay, which is located off Hook Island. It's an extraordinary site for snorkelling, and even more so for those prepared to brave the depths with a dive. Explore the underwater caves, swim-throughs, drop-offs and more, up to 25m below the surface. Check out the hard and soft corals while you look out for rays gliding elegantly through the waters.

The Whitsunday Islands also offer great opportunities for discovering Indigenous culture and history. Learn about the Ngaro people, the traditional owners of the region, by taking the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail. This is a series of self-guided walks and hikes that take travellers to sites of particular Indigenous significance. At the Nara Inlet on Hook Island, for example, you can gaze upon Aboriginal cave paintings.

If you visit the Whitsunday Islands between June and September, you'll also get the chance to see migrating whales frolicking in the waters offshore. To get up close with these awe-inspiring gentle giants, take a luxurious day cruise during these peak winter months. Another option is to take a sea plane or helicopter flight that will not only treat you to stunning views of the islands from the air, but also of whales breaching and playing amongst the waves. You'll most likely see humpback and pilot whales, although sometimes Migaloo - the white humpback species - is also seen.

After all this exploration, you might be eager to relax and pamper yourself, in which case you should head to one of the Whitsunday's sumptuous spas. There are a number of day spas and resort options for you to choose from, where you'll be able to relax and unwind with a massage or a facial. In many cases, these treatments can be done outside amongst nature, making for an incredibly special indulgent experience.

If travelling around the Whitsunday Islands sounds like something you would like to do, talk to a travel agent today. The beauty of the islands awaits!