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A true northern adventure you will never forget

28th July 2014

Polar expert Jan Bryde has been a North Pole Expedition leader for over 20 years. He’s reached the ultimate goal ten times, but it’s obvious from the animated way he speaks about every conquest of 90º North that for him, the buzz will never fade. This unbridled passion is why Captain’s Choice have chosen Jan to lead 50 Years of Victory on one of his very last missions to the North Pole as a commercial expedition vessel. Adventures don’t get much more exciting than this!


Life on board is invigorating to say the least. Charging through the frozen expanse, the sturdy ice breaker powers on through all that separates you from the very pinnacle of the world. The arctic wind pummels the tide, but snug on deck in your expedition parka, the chill that ruffles your spine has nothing to do with the wild weather. As the brawny ship smashes through ice up to three metres thick, the tremble under your feet as she ignites the fire in your spirit of adventure. Countless explorers have sailed, battled and often failed to reach the North Pole. It’s a much coveted goal that even the most seasoned adventurers could only dream of reaching. But the great explorers didn’t have the help of 50 years of Victory, the world’s largest nuclear powered icebreaker.

Adrenalin is heightened with excursions from the onboard helicopter and an intrepid fleet of Zodiacs which take you closer to the action. Jan tells tales of close encounters with polar bears and walrus, making for some incredible photo opportunities. The atmosphere as the ship reaches the ultimate goal and manoeuvres into position at 90º North is nothing short of triumphant. Resplendent in cherry red parkas, people from all countries of all ages join in the party as the exact target is accomplished. All manner of japery unfolds on the ice. Some brave a dip in the icy polar waters. Some play an impromptu game of ice soccer. There are rumours that one man even proposed to his sweetheart – and what a place to do it. After a polar BBQ and a champagne toast, the atmosphere is truly giddy. Standing on top of the world, you can see why.

Does the idea of true North set your pulse racing? Captain’s Choice have strictly limited places remaining to join 50 Years of Victory on her last commercial season. Enquire online or call 13 70 71 to reserve your cabin today!