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A week in Africa

10th March 2014

Amanda Reed from Reed & Turner Travel Associates recently experienced 7 nights in the diverse continent of Africa and got a taste of everything from the sweeping landscapes to the local cuisine. Here, she reflects on her holiday and shares some helpful hints for the rest of us.

For a lot of people, the word Africa conjures thoughts of safaris and rightly so! Based on my safari experience, Pilanesberg Game Reserve is a good choice if you are time-poor but don't want to leave disappointed. I really feel that looking the part helps to bring out the Big 5, as you can see here.

You can travel to Cape Town any time of the year but if you don't like the heat and will happily put up with some rain , then travel May to September when it's wet but far cooler.

The best resort I stayed in was the Palace at Sun City. One of the fondest memories I have of my time here is dining at the local and staff restaurant. We were all socialising in a little tin shed and were treated to a taste of a favourite local dish called 'bunny chow'. Admittedly this is not a 5-star experience, but it was indeed memorable, and worthwhile to see the other side of the glitzy Sun City experience. When in Rome right?

For those not so fussed on trying the Bunny Chow, you'll be pleased to know I have many more recommendations. I can list about 30 great dining spots in Cape Town. If you'd like to me draft an itinerary which encompasses some of these, please get in touch.

Local cuisine and local wines are sensationally priced so you really can afford to try several without burning a hole in your pocket. There's plenty of wineries suitable for stop-overs if you're interested in spending some significant time smelling, swirling and savouring the local drops.

Contact me directly on 1800 460 623 for more information about an African escape.