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Why you should travel solo on a small group tour

5th February 2020

There’s something both challenging and rewarding about traversing the globe by yourself. But when you travel solo on a small group tour, you can enjoy the freedom of being independent while enjoying the company of other like-minded travellers. And by default, each person in the group has something in common – a shared passion for exploring the same destination – so you can travel solo but never alone. Whether it’s a love for history or food, culture or architecture that excites you, here’s why small group tours are perfect for solo travellers.


Meet curious explorers with the same interests as you

For solo travellers, there are many reasons to travel independently beyond having no one to go with. For example, when it comes to a destination like Georgia, it’s understandably not on everyone’s radar. But if it’s on yours, that’s where small group tours are the perfect option. On the 8-day Wine in Georgia: Limited Edition tour with Peregrine Adventures, you can immerse yourself in Georgia’s history while you drop by family cellars, tour royal-estates-turned-wineries and taste your way around the renowned Kvareli region.

Whether you join a tour in Georgia by yourself, or with a companion, you’ll be in great company with other curious explorers from around the world, plus an expert local leader to show you the way. Just add some hearty food, a burgeoning art scene and well-preserved historic towns, and you have all the makings of an unforgettable journey.


Safety in numbers and freedom to explore

Perhaps it’s ancient history that captures your interest, and a destination like Egypt might be the perfect fit for you. But with a trove of ancient ruins – more than anyone could take in a single lifetime – and a small group tour is one of the best ways to ensure you leave no stone unturned. On the 14-day Pyramids, Mummies & Pharaohs tour with Peregrine Adventures, together as a group, you can mingle with friendly Nubian locals, visit the famous pyramids of Giza, explore the less-known Red and Bent Pyramids in Dashur and so much more.

Best of all, as a solo traveller, you’ll be comfortable and safe thanks to a team of passionate travel professionals and locals who genuinely care about showing you the best of Egypt in all its glory.


No need to worry about logistics

Consider yourself a lover of gastronomic encounters? In Turkey, it might be easy to explore independently and search for the best restaurants by yourself. But, it’s the immersive and authentic experiences included on a small group tour that you won’t find elsewhere. Take the 14-day Turkey Food Explorer with Peregrine Adventures, for example, where unexpected food-filled moments are found at every turn.

Whether you’re dining on age-old Ottoman recipes that were served to the Sultan, indulging in a heart-warming home-cooked fare in the caves of Cappadocia, or exploring the alleys of Kalakoy on the hunt for flavour-filled street food, this exploratory adventure is filled with experiences you and your fellow travellers can enjoy together. Without needing to worry about logistics, together as a group, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy the journey.

With hand-picked accommodation, small groups, award-winning local leaders, added inclusions and a more considered pace, Peregrine are the specialists in providing premium adventures around the world.

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