Our Offices

Our offices are open for business, however we prefer to book appontment only consultations so that we are able to give you our full attention. Our Australia-wide network of highly experienced travel advisers are able to assist you with all of your travel needs, from the most simple to the most complex itineraries. Although we have had to stand down a portion of our workforce due to the current situation, and your personal travel adviser may be impacted, our remaining network of over 100 exceptional travel advisers are nevertheless available to support the travel needs of all of our clients. As the travel industry recovers, we are hoping to grow this number again.

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  • We know many of you love planning your holiday with your personal adviser, however please know that all bookings can be serviced by any of our experienced team.
  • Please see our FAQs below for more detail.

If you are unwell, or in self-isolation, please do not come into an office. Contact your local Travel Associates office, or your nearest alternative, if your regular office has closed. Alternatively you can also call 13 70 71 to discuss how we can support your travel needs.

Office Closure FAQs

A number of Travel Associates offices have recently merged with other offices. Please click here to find your nearest Travel Associates boutique business.

Travel Associates made the difficult decision to stand down a considerable portion of its workforce for an indefinite period of time, and for the immediate future. The decision was made in response to an unexpected stoppage of work, capacity and demand within the travel industry domestically and internationally as a result of the current global climate. Stand down means that there is no work for those employees to do at the moment. This is for the reasons already mentioned which are outside of Travel Associates' control. 

You can rest assured that your booking is safe within the Travel Associates network and can be serviced by any of our experienced travel advisors. Click here to find your nearest office.

Your booking is safe within the Travel Associates network and any of our experienced travel advisers will be happy to assist you with your booking and any future travel plans.

Our Supplier Relationships (and What is a Supplier)

Travel Associates works with a comprehensive network of third party travel partners and suppliers to deliver your individual travel experience. These suppliers range from airlines, to hotels, touring companies, car hire vendors and cruiselines to name a few. There are many different suppliers that we work with, depending on your individual travel needs.

It is important for you to be aware that each of those suppliers has their own policy regarding refunds and cancellations. In the current environment, each supplier has updated it's policies continuously as the global situation has evolved. Travel Associates does not control these conditions however we are able to ensure your booking is protected and that you understand the conditions under which you have booked your travel experience.

As a result of continual changes by suppliers, our travel advisers and support staff are regularly checking for supplier updates (daily and hourly in some cases) in order to ensure the best outcome for our clients, especially as cancellation and refund policies have relaxed and dates for rebooking have been extended. Prior to the global pandemic, our travel advisers may have known all of the usual terms and conditions for every supplier, however in many instances recently, they are needing to constantly update and re-educate in order to achieve the best outcome for clients throughout this period.

Below is a list of our suppliers and links to their webpages where you can find out more about each of their individual policies.

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A number of international flights have been cancelled. All Airlines have their own change and cancellation policies in place. Please refer to supplier table below for further airline information and contact your Travel Associates adviser.

The cruise industry has put strong measures in place for the health and safety of passengers. Most cruise lines are cancelling departures right across the globe. If your cruise has not yet departed, your travel consultant will contact you if there are any major changes or cancellations to your booking. All Cruise Lines have their own change and cancellation policies in place. Please refer to supplier table below for further cruise line information and contact your Travel Associates adviser.

Similar to the cruise industry, Tour Operators are putting strong measures in place for the health and safety of travellers. Many Tour Operators are also electing to cancel departures and/or modify itineraries across the globe. All Tour Operators have their own change and cancellation policies in place. Please refer to supplier table below for further information and contact your Travel Associates adviser.

Business and Supplier Updates

Travel Associates change & cancellation policy update
Posted on: 2 May 2020

On 2 May 2020 Travel Associates announced an amendment to our Change and Cancellation Policy for customers.

To support Australians during this very difficult time, Travel Associates and our parent company FCTG has made the decision to completely waive our usual Cancellation Fees for bookings where the travel provider (usually an airline, cruise line or tour operator) has cancelled its service - and you are unable to travel as a result.

The waiver, which is in addition to the other waivers and amendments that we have announced previously, follows ongoing discussions with clients and regulators, including the ACCC, and will apply retrospectively to bookings cancelled as a result of COVID-19 on or after 13 March 2020 for which a Travel Associates Cancellation Fee was charged. Please note this waiver applies to our fees – we cannot waive fees or conditions that airlines and other third party suppliers impose.

We also announced our offer of an additional Travel Associates credit voucher of up to $200 per person to customers who choose to keep their money on file with us. For all information on these updates, please read our FAQs.

Virgin Australia updates
Posted on: 21 April 2020

On Tuesday 21st April, Virgin Australia (VA) entered into voluntary administration to recapitalise the business and help ensure it emerges in a stronger financial position.

We understand our clients who have credits or bookings with Virgin Australia may be concerned. On Friday 22 May 2020, Virgin Australia released a policy change offering only 'conditional credit' instead of a refund moving forward for bookings which relate to:

  • New tickets issued on/after 21 April 2020.
  • Tickets issued on/before 20 April 2020.
  • Clients who still have/had confirmed flights on/after 21 April 2020 and wish to cancel.

We will work closely with the administrators to support Virgin Australia through this process, and we will keep our clients informed of any developments and Virgin Australia policy updates as they come to us.

Flight Centre Travel Group business update
Posted on: 6 April 2020

On Monday 6 April, 2020 we announced an important development that will help the Flight Centre Travel Group overcome the challenges currently being faced in relation to the coronavirus. We have secured $900 million in additional funding to help ensure that FCTG is strongly positioned for the future. Read more.