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10 reasons to travel to Galapagos with Linblad

31st March 2014

1. Experience matters.
Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has more experience than any other operator in Galápagos, and more experience in the expedition travel business. In 1967, Lars Eric Lindblad led the first non-scientific expedition to the Galápagos. We’ve been traveling there in one form or another ever since.
2. The most knowledgeable and experienced naturalists.
A core group of naturalists work exclusively for Lindblad-National Geographic, providing a continuity of in-depth knowledge and our guest-centric tradition. And, we provide one of the best naturalists-to-guest ratios in Galápagos.
3. More flexibility, choices and activities.
Guests are never “herded.” They are offered options at every opportunity. This is ingrained in our expedition DNA. And this flexible, choice-based approach to experiencing the islands is uniquely ours. Swim, snorkel, and kayak almost every day. Walk, hike. Take advantage of our onboard certified photo instructor. And Zodiac cruise the islands’ fascinating shorelines.
4. Conservation commitment.
Since 1997, Lindblad-National Geographic has worked with its guests to raise funds for local conservation projects. More than $5.5 million has been raised for projects such as fostering the restoration of native plants throughout the islands and tracking giant tortoises. We work closely with the Galápagos National Park and/or the Charles Darwin Research Station on all conservation initiatives.

5. We own and operate our 2 ships.
We are the only U.S. company who owns and operates two ships in Galápagos, National Geographic Islander and National Geographic Endeavour, giving us oversight and control that many others just don’t have.
6. Year-round departures.
Our ships operate year-round, each offering full-week itineraries, with National Geographic Endeavour departing every Friday, and National Geographic Islander departing every Saturday.
7. Technological tools add to the guest experience.
No other company can match our tools for exploration: video microscopes, plasma screens, undersea specialists, hydrophones, video chroniclers, splash cams and daily expedition reports. All of these tools make exploring Galápagos with us a uniquely 360º experience.
8. Cool tools to explore the undersea. Both our ships carry complete snorkeling gear, yours for the
duration of the voyage. An undersea specialist further brings underwater Galápagos to life through onboard video presentations. And National Geographic Endeavour is equipped with both an ROV for deeper ocean views, and a glass-bottom boat for dry undersea exploring.
9. Ideal for groups & families.
We are committed to fostering the unique bonding opportunities available to families and groups visiting Galápagos. All departures include staff members who are specially trained and skilled in organizing activities for and inspiring curiosity in young people of all ages.
10. Dedication to excellent expeditions—and the mind-body connection.
We offer a comprehensive wellness program featuring nature-inspired spa treatments (and a floating massage platform on National Geographic Endeavour), daily stretching under the guidance of an instructor, well-equipped air-conditioned gyms, exquisite cuisine, guest internet service, and seamless handling throughout your journey.