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2017 Travel Tips Part III - Travel Styles Trending

23rd December 2016

A glorious range of destinations and hotels are just the start when it comes to travel choices. There are those who love to travel solo, and others who prefer to explore as part of a group. Some seek the snow, and some like it hot! Our team of travel experts have noticed a few trends that are blossoming in the world of travel styles, and we’re looking forward to seeing how these beauties develop in the bright new year.


You no longer need to forsake luxury to be at one with your surroundings. Glamping offers the chance to get intimate with nature without the need to strike camp in the middle of the wilderness, because it’s already been done for you. From the sensational pavilions of Longitude 131 to the rustic charm of tents pitched on South Africa’s Amakhala Game Reserve, glamping has developed in leaps and bounds over the last few years and the world is in love.

Skiing Japan

The secret is well and truly out, and powder hounds from all over the globe are flocking to get their fix of Japan’s unbelievable powder snow and captivating culture. On the northern Island of Hokkaido, Niseko offers a flabbergasting amount of peak season snow, but the incredible restaurants and endearing culture ensure there’s plenty of fun to be had off the slopes. The island of Honshu boasts Hakuba, a collection of resorts with steeper inclines for keen skiers and plenty of opportunities to soak in blissful hot springs.

Multi-generational travel

Travelling in a group is the ultimate way to enjoy quality family time, and trips that include grandparents, in-laws and cousins are becoming ever more popular. A considerately crafted itinerary ensures that all ages can enjoy individual pursuits as well as having plenty of opportunity to interact as a group. Cruises are a great base for a multi-generational vacation, and many providers are cottoning on to the trend and offering specialised packages for large parties that contain a range of age groups.

Foodie travel

Travellers are besotted with the slow food movement, which encourages the preservation of time-honoured cooking methods and locally sourced produce. Food and its preparation are so ingrained in culture that a food based tour is as educational as it is delicious. Slow Food tours of Italy are becoming wildly popular, but dedicated gastronomy tours are becoming common in foodie hotspots all over the world.

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Wellness travel

Yoga retreats, digital detoxes and surfing camps are the flavour of the moment, a trend that is set to continue throughout the New Year. The idea of improving your health while on vacation is a concept that has been embraced by society, who can’t get enough of all-inclusive wellness holidays, whether the focus is physical strength or mental clarity.  

Domestic travel

Australians are relishing the opportunity to travel closer to home, and accommodation and tourism providers are stepping up to the plate. Boutique getaways such as Spicers Retreats vie with sumptuous inner-city havens like Sydney’s The Langham Hotel to entice Australians to explore the wonders of their own back yard... and what a yard it is!

Adventure travel

African safaris continue to grow in popularity as visitors eagerly seek interactions with some of the world’s most celebrated wilderness and wildlife. South America trekking is also on the rise, and Antarctica is enjoying a central spot in the limelight. A recent flurry of new luxury expeditions to both the North and South Poles has raised the bar when it comes to experiencing these bucket list wonders, and travellers continue to be enticed by husky-drawn sled rides through the magical landscape of Lapland.  

River cruising

Drifting down the river aboard a luxurious, floating resort is quickly becoming the number one way to discover Europe. Many of the most alluring regions of The Continent are concentrated around water networks that offer a unique perspective from which to view both scenery and culture. Asia’s waterways are also perfect for cruising, and the rivers of Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and even India are becoming populated with incredible luxury cruise vessels from providers such as Scenic, APT, and Uniworld.