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3 Reasons You Need A Fijian Adventure

23rd October 2013

There may not be anywhere in the world more tropically idyllic than the sun-bleached shores of Fiji.

But you already knew that about Fiji holidays.

If you're looking for one of the most beautiful locations in the world, then Fiji packages are an easy sell. But there is more going for it than just its beauty. Here are just three of the most compelling reasons to visit:

The weather

Looking at the forecast for Fiji for a few weeks might leave you thinking the webpage has broken down. Virtually every day has a 'fine' outlook, with average night-time temperatures falling to a balmy 18 degrees around the coast and day-time highs averaging around 32 degrees.

November through April is known as the wet season, yet even then, much of the precipitation falls in brief, localised showers so it's not enough to interfere with your plans.

The locals

You know things are already promising when the country's unofficial building code stipulates that 'a building must be no higher than a coconut tree'.

Such is the way of life in Fiji, the locals know how to have a good time and have their priorities in order.

In many restaurants and in more local, intimate settings, you will likely be given the chance to try Kava, a popular local drink made from the root of a certain tree. It is not alcohol but a relaxant, not that you'll need to relax much after a few days in this paradise.

The accommodation

Think overwater bungalows, beach huts and stunning undersea pods where you can watch as the sea life glide by under your hotel room through the glass-floors.

Somewhere on one of Fiji's many islands (there are over 320) you will find your own slice of heaven, depending on the kind of experience you are seeking.

Only an experienced travel agent will be able to help you realise your perfect Fiji experience.