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How to avoid jetlag like a travel agent

22nd October 2013

Of the many great aspects of being a travel agent, one of them has to be the kind of insider knowledge about how to be a smart traveller.

When someone in the industry takes a long-haul flight for a holiday in Europe, they are much better equipped to get off the plane ready for an adventure - rather than ready for a nap.

Here are three of the best tips you can take heed of when you board that 10 hour (or longer) flight.

You are what you eat

The novelty of getting on a plane and all the snacks and drinks is all part of the experience, but you will need to keep an eye on what you're consuming.

Hydration is important, but if your drink of choice contains caffeine, such as tea, coffee and energy drinks, or high levels of sugar, such as too much fruit juice, you'll be filling your body with unnecessary energisers. Stick to the water with the occasional fruit juice or tea to keep your energy levels from peaking while you're on board, and falling once you get to the tarmac.

The same rule applies for snacks, so remember to choose fruits often and limit your unhealthy snacks.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

It's an old mantra, but a good one.

Plan your trip. Understand the time difference between your origin and your destination and identify the time you should be awake and when it wisest to sleep and make sure you have eye masks, pillows and blankets to help you nod off.

Taking care of business

If you're really concerned about missing out on your precious holiday time, remember that you have the option of flying business class.

You'll have more room to stretch out, more options on the menu, more attentive care if you need something, and this area is much quieter than the main cabin, which will allow you to get a decent sleep.

Upon arrival, jetlagged or not, get out and enjoy everything your exciting new destination has to offer.