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The magic of an overwater bungalow

24th October 2013

It’s the stuff travel dreams are made of, and it's more accessible than you think.

Overwater bungalows come with such a relaxing, other-worldly holiday feel that there's no crossover time between settling in and starting your getaway - once you're there, the holiday has already begun.

Photos from one of these over-water nests will be more than enough to make your friends jealous, including the ones who are used to all of your impressive travel exploits.

Here's why.

They're certainly beautiful, but a private mini-house over the water is no good in a storm, which is why these bungalows are only ever built in the most tropically beautiful and warm places on earth. They're an absolute must on Bora Bora holidays and with New Caledonia packages, or in many other stunning locations synonymous with the ultimate in relaxing vacation experiences.

Consider the sheer luxury of falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean softly lapping beneath you. Take a midnight stroll outside with a quick dip in the warm waters or awaken yourself with a refreshing swim in the crystal clear green-blue sea, all just an arm's length away.

A small, wooden bungalow just a metre or so from the water is no place for mobile phones, laptops or tablets, and they’re not conducive to too much pen and paper work either. Such a set up is ideal for getting away from the stresses of everyday life and technology. You can even happily leave your watch at home, because time has no place on such a holiday, although, a digital camera will likely not go to waste.

Wherever you are, whatever time of year it is and whoever you want to go with, there is an overwater bungalow waiting for you. You've seen the pictures - all you have to do it make that magic a reality.