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6 Myths Busted Regarding Tour Group Travel

4th January 2017

We all have a subconscious notion of tour groups, perpetuated by those classic 90s movies where tedious bus rides and institutionalised lunches are the modus operandi. Times have changed since the days of soulless sojourns, and savvy tour providers have realised that they can combine the benefits of a tour with the desires of the discerning traveller.

This new breed of tour has the opposite effect of its predecessor - instead of skimming the surface of a destination, you’ll dive deeper, see farther and taste more vividly than you ever imagined. Read on to discover how Collette Tours can change your perception of group travel for good.

Myth #1: Tours are standardised, with no personalisation

There was a time when the convenience offered by a tour group came at the price of individualisation, but now that trade off is a thing of the past. Collette takes personalisation to a whole new level with their ‘Choice on Tour’ option. This could include everything from a range of dining options to a choice between a walking tour through Lucca or a bike ride through the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Myth #2: Tours cram in too many stops in not enough time

You’ll never need to chafe at time restraints with Collette’s relaxed, well-paced itineraries. Three-night stays are not uncommon, and a range of immersive activities are designed to get you off the coach and guide you to a new understanding of a destination’s culture.


Collette Compass App
A sneak peek into Collette's Compass App. Photo courtesy of Collette

Myth #3: Tours = fiddly, confusing paper itineraries

You’ll always know where you’re going with the Compass App - Collette’s pioneer mobile program that brings you comprehensive details on your upcoming destination. You can view future accommodation arrangements, city maps and restaurant recommendations from your own device without the need for WiFi.

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Myth #4: You get what you’re given at tour group meals

Nobody wants to travel through Italy and be restricted to a set menu at every meal. Collette offers a genuine choice at included dinners, where you can select from three entrees, five mains and three desserts. Most European dinners will even include a cheeky glass of wine to charm your palate.


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Myth #5: Tour hotels are low-cost, high-volume lodgings

Hotel locations are key to ensuring that travellers can explore at will in their own time, and Collette strives to deliver strategically located accommodations that are in the heart a destination’s most desirable areas. A carefully selected 4-star hotel in a prime location is a perk you can enjoy without having to lift a finger to research.

Myth #6: Tours have no personal touches

Wouldn’t it be blissful if someone arranged your luxury transfers to and from the airport? Collette offers private chauffeur drives to all customers who live within 40km of a major Australian airport, so this usually stressful trip becomes a relaxing journey. Even if your Collette tour makes up only a portion of your travel, you will still enjoy this luxurious beginning and end to your adventure. 

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