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Audacious in Auckland

17th October 2014

As anyone who’s been to New Zealand knows, this is a destination filled with adventure. From skiing, bungee jumping, abseiling and just about any water sport or activity you can think of, it can be found here. But it’s also a place where the beauty of the passing countryside, with its idyllic landscapes and picturesque coast line offer endless days of peaceful reverie.

While Auckland may be a large urban centre, there are still ways to embrace your adventurous, thrill seeking side, where life can be lived on the edge, literally. But as one would expect, Auckland, with its lovely harbours, inviting marinas and extensive foodie scene and cultural escapes is an all-around favourite for a holiday destination.

Five Star Digs

Anna Mashei from Thesinger and Turner Travel Associates in Norwood, SA experienced both sides of Auckland’s eclectic flavour. But first it was off to one of the city’s most famous addresses, the five-star Langham Hotel in the heart of Auckland’s bustling CBD.

One of the finest hotels in Auckland, the Langham features elegantly appointed rooms and a full range of facilities including a heated pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, inviting restaurants and lounges as well as meeting room and banquet facilities. Best of all, the hotel’s location is within walking distance of downtown shopping, the waterfront and Auckland’s vibrant Domain District.

No Time to Waste!

Anna however was ready to hit the ground running - first stop, beautiful Waiheke Island. Just 40 minutes by ferry from Auckland’s harbour, Waiheke Island is filled with exciting attractions. “The scenery is beautiful and there are wineries galore!” said Anna. “Lunch at Mudbrick winery was absolutely mind-blowing - the food was delectable, the wines amazing and the views just brilliant and I left the island imagining myself living there!”

There was even time for a zip-line adventure. This thrilling ride through the forest canopy on three different zip-line “flights” provided an excellent birds-eye-view of the stunning landscape below and expansive views of the island and distant coast.

Back in Auckland City, anyone looking to continue in the thrill seeking vein will want to head to Auckland’s tallest building, the Sky Tower. This 300 metre high, needle like structure, offers two thrilling activities. Step outside the tower on its metal grated ledge for the ultimate panoramic view. If you’re feeling daring, stretch your harness and dangle right over the edge. Once you’re accustomed to the height, why not head over to the building’s base-jump? Plummet the almost 200 metres back down to street level on what is described as New Zealand’s “only base jump by wire.”

Auckland is no ordinary destination. Whether it’s the relaxing pace of wineries, shopping, dining or hurling yourself from tall building or zip-lining above the trees, Auckland is sure to dazzle the senses and get your pulse racing.