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Get a taste of urban Fiji in Suva

15th October 2014

Fiji holidays are often associated with long days of lying on the beach, romantic sunset dinners and lazy mornings gazing out at the gorgeous southern Pacific Ocean. If you want more out of your Fiji adventure than just beach time, however, you've got plenty of options for urban exploration.

With a population of about 85,000 people, Suva is the most cosmopolitan metro region in the South Pacific, and has plenty of authentic experiences in store for those who are so inclined. Take a break from the beach and experience all that Suva has to offer.


Suva is Fiji's political capital and is home to a wide diversity of residents. There is a prominent Indo-Fijan community living within the city, as well as a growing number of expats from Australia and New Zealand. Add that to the thriving student population, and you have a downright interesting mix of backgrounds and cultures.

The student population lends well to an active nightlife scene, while the political and administrative professionals living here give the city a grown-up side.


There are plenty of interesting attractions to occupy your time during your visit to Suva. The Sea Wall functions as an oceanside park with long stretches of walkable space. Take a leisurely walk hand in hand with your loved one and look out over Fiji's gorgeous coastline. You'll also notice joggers and local families out and about as you stroll. Make a date out of it and pack a picnic to enjoy together.

Check out the Suva Market for a one-of-a-kind view of local cuisine. Browse the stands of local artisan vendors and farmers as you pick out fresh Fiji fruits and vegetables. Seafood lovers will appreciate the wide array of fish dishes available, including exotic choices like nana and lumi. Vegetarians will love the selection of root crops, which includes dalo, uvi (yam), duruka (a vegetable related to asparagus), kumala (sweet potato) and cassava.

Do you and your partner love books and architecture? Head to the Suva City Library! Built in 1909, this historic building's external features are as impressive as its contents. No book lover can resist a trip to the library.

Suva is also home to a number of museums and libraries that will make for interesting excursions during your Fiji holiday.

Nightlife and restaurants

Is wining and dining more your scene? Suva has plenty to offer on this front, as well. The famous Grand Pacific Hotel restaurant offers five separate choices, each boasting great menus. If you're looking for fine dining, however, the Prince Albert restaurant is the place to visit.

Another great dining option is Tiko's Floating Restaurant. This perennial traveller favourite is, in fact, a floating establishment, so you might not want to venture here if you're prone to seasickness. If you do visit, though, be sure to try the seafood specials, which range from walu (Spanish mackerel) to pakapaka (snapper).

For a taste of the local nightlife, head to Traps Bar. This nightclub is one of the longest-running establishments of its kind in the South Pacific, and offers a variety experiences, so there's something for everyone. If you're looking for a laid-back night out, head to the top lounge. Other parts of the club play host to dancing, poetry readings and group outings. Just be sure to dress to impress, as the dress code is semi-formal.

Other nightlife options include Shenanigans and O'Reilly's, both of which are located on the popular Victoria Parade. These bars' music selections span decades, ranging from '80s hits to current chart-toppers.