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Postcards from a picture perfect Hawaiian Holiday

13th October 2014

Vanessa Smith's love affair with Hawaii is widely known in her East Gosford Travel Associates office. Having travelled to this idyllic American state a second time, Vanessa was able to reconnect with her great Pacific love, Oahu.

"Hawaii has something for everyone," reflected Vanessa. "It's an active, yet relaxing destination that is immensely scenic, culturally diverse, educational, safe and fun. Between the marine life, endless coastlines, stunning waterfalls and volcanic landscapes, Oahu leaves you with a very balanced, rejuvenated feeling."

Aloha State Magic

Each of Hawaii's main islands, eight in total, offer a unique blend of tropical charm and beauty. Oahu's contribution to the great Hawaiian landscape offers a dazzling mix of urban excitement and pristine natural beauty, where the broad, glistening beaches and alluring coves lead to enormous, rainforest covered mountain tops.

One of the most scenic attractions on Oahu is Hanauma Bay. Located less than a 30 minute drive east of Honolulu, Hanauma Bay is a picturesque lagoon, formed thousands of years ago when the eroded wall of a volcano collapsed. The sea water rushed in and the brilliant cove was formed. Volcanic walls still surround much of the peaceful bay. "These are absolutely stunning turquoise waters filled with tropical fish," said Vanessa. "This is a preserved marine sanctuary so it is without a doubt a very beautiful and respected place. Walk off the beach into ankle deep waters or swim out to the caverns which conceal the most colourful marine creatures."

A Sanctuary of a Different Kind

Luxury accommodation is another standout feature found on Oahu. When spending time in paradise, you'll naturally want to extend the holiday pleasures to your hotel room or resort lodging. Vanessa enjoyed her time in Hawaii at the deluxe Outrigger Reef on the Beach. Located just off the glamorous and endlessly popular Waikiki Beach, the Outrigger features spacious and tastefully decorated rooms, along with what Vanessa likes to call "one of the open-aired hotspot icons of Hawaii - Dukes Restaurant."

The Aloha lifestyle is certainly something to look forward to. "There are so many beautiful, happy people greeting you with smiles," said Vanessa gleefully. Continuing, Vanessa reflected, "Travelling here really does bring a light into your life, and the story of the islands and the lives of ordinary Hawaiians makes for an extraordinary history." It sounds as if there will soon be a third Hawaiian trip on the horizon for Vanessa!

We Can Help Plan Your Hawaiian Holiday

In addition to Honolulu and the island of Oahu, Vanessa has travelled extensively throughout the Aloha State, from Maui to Molokai. If you're planning a trip to these exotic islands, be sure to contact Vanessa Smith at Apps, Stevens & Turner Travel Associates in East Gosford. With many years of experience in the travel industry, she is able to organise all of your holiday plans.