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How To Make The Most Of Business Class

25th May 2016

When flying Business Class, it's easy to get caught up in the glamour that comes with a seat at the pointy end of the plane.

Even if you're a regular patron of this coveted cabin, you may be spending all of your time focusing on the obvious benefits of a lie-flat seat and all that legroom. And who can blame you?

Airlines such as Etihad are redefining the flying experience by integrating Business Class cabins that go above and beyond your expectations, but the perks of this premium ticket go far beyond a bigger seat.

From premium check-in to gourmet menus, here's how to make the most of Business Class.

Before You Fly

Chauffeur service

The VIP treatment for a Business Class ticket holder can start before you even leave your house. Etihad offers all Business Class passengers access to its chauffeur service completely free of charge.

Available in more than 40 cities across the Etihad network, passengers are invited to book a car to pick them up at their home for hassle free transport to the airport, and meet them at their final destination for a drop off without navigating an unfamiliar city.

Priority check-in & boarding

Have you ever been stuck in a long check-in line, wishing there was a designated line just for you? Many airlines have made this a reality for Business Class passengers, offering both priority check-in services as well as priority boarding.

Gone are the days of simply dealing with the crowds while you wait your turn. If you happen to be flying out of Abu Dhabi, Etihad Business Class passengers even have the luxury of kerbside service and a designated terminal for a speedier check-in experience.


With a quicker check-in experience comes more time to relax in the Business Class lounge. Cut the hassle out of going to the airport by ducking into one of these luxurious private entry spaces. Before you dismiss it as being just another spot to sit down, think again.

Not only can you sit in more comfortable chairs, passengers have access to meal service (with menus created by well-known chefts), private sleeping areas and shower facilities.

Etihad Business Class lounges even come complete with a spa. What better way to set the tone for your flight than with a relaxing massage before you board?

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While Flying

Your seat

Definitely the most obvious perk of a Business Class ticket, the seat is all about passenger comfort. From lie-flat beds to private suites, airlines are increasingly pulling out all the stops to make these seats more comfortable than ever.

Make sure you take full advantage of any additional perks that come with this glorious seat. For example, turn down services are available with many airlines that offer lie-flat seats in which passengers are treated to a mattress, loungewear, bedding and slippers.

Business Class passengers flying long haul are also entitled to a luxury amenity kit, many of which feature renowned skin-care brands bundled together in a designer pouch to keep your skin hydrated and ensure you arrive at your final destination feel fresh.


Throw any notions of airplane food out the window. When it comes to dining in Business Class, food service is designed completely around the passenger's needs and wants. You get to decide what you want and when you want it, which means you're not held to a rigid food service schedule and limited options.

Offering up everything from expertly-created multi-course menus to an array of light snacks, you'd almost forget you were dining 30,000 feet up!

Many airlines are also employing the services of Food & Beverage Managers. Don't forget to utilise this service for helpful recommendations on choosing the right dish and wine pairing.