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Cities with flavour

10th June 2013

With the return of another Masterchef series amongst countless other food-friendly shows, food is inevitably no longer just on our plates, but on our minds too. Whether you like to shop for it, cook it or simply just step in at the end and eat it, great food is one of the joys of life and a highlight when it comes to travel.  Venturing to the other side of the globe to taste what’s on offer is one of the best ways a foodie can travel.  So whether you dream of decadent desserts, mouth watering cheap-eats or the best-of-the-best restaurants, the world is your oyster to explore and savour.  So without further adieu, here are 5 cities with flavour to put on your tasting plate:

For Street Food: Bangkok, Thailand

If you’ve travelled to Asia and South America you’ll know all too well that some of the best food can be found out on the street. Simple, cheap and full of flavour, Asia in particular is home to some of the best street food in the world. But to taste the best you need to be in Bangkok, Thailand. Where rows and rows of food stalls serve some of the best chicken green curry, green papaya salad and pad Thai you’ll ever taste for the lowest prices you’ll ever pay. For some of the best stalls, head to where the locals congregate near Khao San Road, the Nang Loeng Market and Chinatown.

For home cooking: Bologna, Italy

When it comes to ultimate comfort food, few could argue with a home cooked and hearty Italian meal. And while Rome and Venice may boast their fair share of tasty, traditional fare, it’s the northern city of Bologna where you’ll find the best Italian food. It is after all the birthplace of lasagne, tortellini and spaghetti Bolognese – the latter of which you will struggle to find in a can here. For the best Bolognese money can buy, order a bowl at Ristorante al Pappagallo, commonly lauded as the best restaurant in the city.

For Spices: Delhi, India

If you’re more of a Vindaloo than a butter chicken person, then the best place to test your tastebud’s limits is with a trip to India. Home to some of the world’s hottest and most fragrant dishes, India produces over 1 million tonnes of spices, more than any other country in the world. Much of these spices can be found in Old Delhi at Asia’s largest wholesale spice market, the Khari Baoli. A fragrant overload to say the least, the market touts a wide range of spices and herbs from cinnamon to turmeric, nutmeg and saffron. Amongst the large sacks of herbs the market also sells other produce such as dried fruits and lentils, while street food can be found close by.

For 5-star dining: Tokyo, Japan

Paris and New York may be more commonly known for their luxury dining but its Tokyo that boasts the world’s most Michelin star restaurants. With 331 Michelin stars spread across 247 restaurants, Tokyo’s luxury dining scene is where food and art intertwine. At Aragawa, one of the world’s most expensive restaurants, platters of pampered Waygu beef come with a lavish price tag while the 3 Michelin Star restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro serves fresh sashimi so delicate that it will melt in your mouth. Molecular-gastronomy is also embraced in Tokyo, particularly at Nihon Ryori Ryugin where the legendary candy pear dessert combines nitro-chilled pear with a steaming sauce of 99 degrees Celsius.

For fresh produce: Toronto, Canada

Trust one of the most liveable cities to have some of the world’s freshest produce. While the small towns in Europe and the big cities of Asia have their fare share of fresh ingredients, ultimately it’s Toronto, Canada where vegetarians will feel truly in heaven. The city’s breadth of produce can be best seen at the St. Lawrence famer’s market where 120 retailers sell a diverse range of products from organic handpicked vegetables to unfiltered olive oil, homemade pestos, vegan pies, freshly baked breads and specialty cheeses. With such fresh produce readily available, it’s little wonder that Toronto is also home to a number of organic and vegan restaurants including the popular venues Fresh, Urban Herbivore and Hibiscus Café.

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