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Even more from Orion Expedition Cruises in 2014

18th April 2013

Orion Expedition Cruises have always been one of the leaders in expedition cruising. Earlier this year they became part of Lindblad Expeditions existing fleet which means in 2014 guests can expect some exciting new additions to their expedition experience on National Geographic Orion’s itineraries.

The number of specialist expedition team members will be increased, scuba facilities added for specific 2014 voyages and a remote underwater camera will provide guests with a better idea of what the underwater world looks like beneath the ship.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting new enhancements that reflect Lindblad's worldwide reputation as the most respected expedition cruise company in the world.

Undersea Specialist
National Geographic Orion’s undersea specialist dives and captures stunning, Cousteau-like video of life below the surface. Footage is then shared with you in presentations that invariably surprise. Few know how dazzling and colourful the undersea is, especially in polar oceans

Go Deeper with a Remote Operated Vehicle
National Geographic Orion will be equipped with a Remote Operated Vehicle—or ROV—that can explore hundreds of feet deeper than a diver. ROV will be used in areas as unexplored as the moon: beneath the ice in Antarctica, to sea mounts in the mid-Atlantic. This is genuine exploration; and while they don’t collect samples, simply video, they are actively contributing to the body of knowledge about the undersea world, and have, according to some polar scientists, captured footage of never-before-seen species.

Expedition Team
Your expedition leaders, outstanding naturalists, marine biologists, photographers, and undersea specialists collectively have thousands of years’ experience guiding travellers to the most interesting places in the world. They are the ones who write the books, they are the locals; they are the experts that knowledgeable explorers want to travel with again and again. They are the best in their fields.

Video Chronicler
Video chroniclers accompany every expedition aboard National Geographic-flagged ships – including Orion. Inspired by historic visual chroniclers, like Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley, video chroniclers document the moments you experience. Using vivid HD footage shot on your expedition—with no recycled footage ever—they provide you with a professionally edited and completely authentic memento of your expedition. Working during the day, and editing into the night, they have your DVD ready for preview prior to, and available to purchase, at disembarkation.

National Geographic Photographer/Certified Photographer
A National Geographic photographer or certified photographer will accompany all voyages. They’re at your side, on deck and in the

field, inspiring and advising. They share their secrets and tips, and actively lead special photo walks on shore or Zodiac cruises to help photographers of every skill level capture the best shots possible. They give informative presentations, interesting whether you’re a photographer or simply a fan of the images in National Geographic magazines. In addition, they participate in one-to-one critiques, and sociable laptop gallery events where everyone is invited to display their expedition shots.

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