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Experience the outer islands of Fiji

28th May 2014

Fiji is a wonderful holiday destination with a range of exciting and luxurious places to visit. While its main island of Viti Levu is incredibly alluring, there are 333 islands in total - so why not visit some of the outer isles on your next journey there?

Pay a visit to Fiji to see its most beautiful outer islands brimming with lush forest life, stunning deserted beaches and twinkling ocean galore.

Ovalau Island

Ovalau Island is part of the Lomaiviti Group, which sits off the Viti Levu's eastern coast.

A visit to Ovalau will treat you to a more untouched side of the nation, with an abundance of pristine scenery and scores of rustic charm.

Head to the main town of Levuka to begin your adventure, and soak in the sights of its rainforest-coated peaks and long white sand beaches. Levuka was built in the 1800s once the capital of colonial Fiji, and is therefore steeped in history having been home to traders, sailors, and those in the whaling industry.

There's plenty of gorgeous colonial architecture to enjoy, as well as the Fiji Museum and some beautiful churches, such as the Sacred Heart Church.

Check out the Cession Site memorial at Nasova, which is of incredible historical significance as the site where the Deed of Cession was signed to make Fiji and British colony.

Then there's the gorgeous Royal Hotel, which was built in 1903. To mix and mingle with Levuka's residents, head to the Ovalau Club and Levuka Club for a few drinks.

It's also worth heading outside of Levuka into rural Ovalau and to Rukuruku village. This is about 17km north and is home to gorgeous natural features such as a picturesque waterfall, a black sand beach and wonderful reefs for diving and snorkelling.

There's also a fabulous local institution, Bobo's farm, a rustic retreat built and run by Bobo himself. You'll experience incredible Fijian hospitality and will get the chance to have an authentic adventure away from the crowds.

The Kadavu Group Islands

The Kadavu Islands, consisting of Kadavu, Ono, Galoa and several more tiny isles, are well worth the journey for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Found south of Viti Levu amongst the Great Astrolabe Reef, there are plenty of natural wonders to be discovered.

Like Ovalau, these islands were once whaling hubs, and also catered to travellers heading to Australia and New Zealand. There are also plenty of thrilling stories about the region's past, including tales of pirates and villains that you can discover when you visit.

Make sure you head out on a guided snorkelling or diving trip when you visit to make the most of the incredible Great Astrolabe Reef, which is teeming with underwater life from manta rays to reef sharks and giant schools of brightly coloured tropical fish. Experienced divers will love the range of undersea drop-offs, swim-throughs and coral formations.

The Kadavu Islands also have splendid mountains, such as Nabukelevu, which soars 838 metres high. Head out on a hike to explore the rugged landscape and verdant rainforest. Pay special attention to the local bird life, including the gorgeous rare species such as the Kadavu honeyeater and the velvet fruit dove.

You'll find plenty of accommodation, facilities and eateries at Vunisea, the main town on Kadavu Island itself. While there are flights to Kadavu, transport around the islands is primarily by boat, so keep this in mind.

Contact a travel agent to help you plan your adventure to these lesser-known outer islands of Fiji. You're in for an incredible experience where you will be able to see first hand a more authentic side to the nation that not all travellers get to see.