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Exploring Bamberg, the Beer Capital of Germany

21st June 2017

They take their beer seriously in the small Bavarian town of Bamberg. The town, which has a population of just 70,000, is known as Germany’s beer capital, with nine working breweries producing 50 different local beers. That’s not counting the 70 breweries in the surrounding district.

However, there is more to Bamberg than beer. This pretty town, set in a valley surrounded by seven hills, is one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns, with an amazing 2000 buildings scoring a UNESCO World Heritage Listing. If you only have a short stop in this lively port, be sure to leave time for some serious beer drinking after you have hit the following highlights.

Bamberg Germany.jpg

Bamberg Germany
Bamberg escaped WWII relatively unscathed, and the streets are rich with historical gems

On the lowdown

Start your explorations at the eastern end of the old city. Bamberg is a city that embraces tradition. Every morning, local farmers set up stalls to sell their produce, just as their forebears have done for hundreds of years. The action takes place at the Gruener Markt (green market), watched over by the ornate Neptune fountain.

From here, slowly wind your way toward the river, exploring picturesque lanes and alleys as you go. From tiny medieval cottages to bold baroque townhouses, there are plenty of Insta-worthy opportunities. The town’s most famous piece of architecture, however, rests in the river. Yes, that’s right – in the river, not on its banks.

Bamberg Town Hall.jpg

Bamberg Town Hall, Germany
According to legend, Bamberg citizens built Town Hall in the river when the pope refused to grant them land

Bamberg’s spectacular town hall sits on a purpose-built artificial island, connected to the riverbanks by two bridges. The flamboyantly-frescoed façade adds to the eye-catching effect. You can head inside to have a look at the Ludwig Collection of porcelain figures, or follow the pretty riverside path heading north. You will soon reach Am Leinritt, the perfect spot for photographing the picturesque fishermen’s houses known as Little Venice. Stop in for a quick bite at the waterfront Restaurant Eckerts before continuing your exploration.

Take it higher

We hope you enjoyed that break, because now things get a little strenuous. Head up the steep Katzenberg to reach the city’s ancient power centre, the Domplatz, or Cathedral Square. Along with the cathedral, the Domplatz is home the baroque New Palace and the Alte Hofhaltung palace.

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Bamberg Cathedral.jpg

Bamberg Cathedral Germany
The Bamberg Cathedral was founded in 1004, although the current structure was completed in the 13th century

The 13th century cathedral, with its intricately carved façade, is a highlight. Step inside the cavernous interior to see the tomb of Pope Clements II, the only papal grave in Germany, and the 1000-year old sculpture known as the Bamberg Rider, celebrated in art history as the first horseback statue erected after the fall of the Roman empire.

Take a stroll through the romantic rose garden in the courtyard of the New Palace which features more than 4,500 roses, and also offers stunning views across the town.

Bamberg New Palace Garden.jpg

Bamberg New Palace Rose Garden
The New Palace's Rose Garden is studded with custom designed Baroque statues

Kick back

At last, it’s time for some ale-inspired exploration. Sandstrasse is home to most of the town’s bars, but start your evening on the nearby Dominikanerstrasse at Bamberg’s most famous brewery, the Schlenkerla.

This half-timbered house with green shutters is a historic monument in its own right. The 600-year-old Schlenkerla brewery is also the only place in town to sell Bamberg’s most distinctive drop, smoked beer or Rauchbier, from the barrel. The smoky taste comes from the malted barley, which is dried over an open flame.

Schlenkerla brewery Bamberg.JPG

Schlenkerla brewery Bamberg
Schlenkerla Brewery got its name from a Frankish colloquialism that means 'not walking straight'

The Schlenkerla is also a good dining option: try a local specialty, such as the Bamberger sausage, Bamberger Zwiebel - roast onion stuffed with mincemeat – or pork knuckle in smoked beer sauce. Music lovers may want to catch a performance by the internationally-acclaimed Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, or take in some jazz; the atmospheric Bamberg Jazz Cellar is a good choice.

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