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3 Luxury Bucket List Moments Around The Globe

25th December 2015

Wanderlust is a strong emotion, often all-consuming and inspiring us to keep a travel agent's number on speed dial.

A thirst to travel can only be quenched by planning the next trip, then finally hopping on board the cruise ship or checking in at the airport on departure day.

What can make the adventure even more magical? Indulging in bucket-list-worthy luxurious activities during your time away!

Here are three of the world's most spectacular bucket list moments to collect, all in style.

1. Dip your toes into the bioluminescent waters of the Maldives

When you imagine your Maldives adventure, you're probably picturing a hammock by an aquamarine ocean and the sun kissing your cheeks as you lounge with a cocktail in hand.

While resort hopping in the Maldives is a popular vacation plan on this slice of paradise, in reality, the true 'take your breath away' moment happens at night.

Once the sun sets, many of the Maldives islands - especially Mudhdhoo, Kuredu, Reethi, Vaadhoo and Athuruga - are visited by bioluminescent phytoplankton as well as ostracod crustaceans. These stunning gifts of nature glow in the dark, emitting a bright blue light that is produced by electrical currents within their cell organisms.

See these sea creatures float to shore along the waves, igniting the waters around you in a bold, dazzling cobalt glow. You'll feel as though you're dipping your toes into the stars.

2. Sip champagne as you sit atop the Grand Canyon

A natural wonder, the Grand Canyon is one of Earth's few landmarks visible from outer space, having been created by layer upon layer of rocks for nearly 12,000 years. Stretching for more than 434 kilometres and measuring up to 28 kilometres wide, the Grand Canyon shines bright in a deep, rich red tone.

On your USA tour, be sure to spend some time in Las Vegas, one of the most convenient places to get to the remote Grand Canyon and a worthwhile travel destination in its own right. With neon lights along Freemont Street, a myriad of resorts and a plethora of casinos, Vegas is a great holiday spot.

Several tour providers in Las Vegas offer chartered flights and helicopter trips to the Grand Canyon. There's no better way to appreciate the sheer size and scale of the Grand Canyon than from up in the air, enjoying unobstructed views over Grand Canyon National Park.

Upon landing, some chopper tours treat passengers to a champagne breakfast, served on wooden picnic tables built onto a ridge halfway down the Canyon.

From this vantage point, you can see both upwards towards the rim of the Canyon as well as down towards the brown waters of the Colorado River.

Perch on the wooden bench, or experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment by stepping right up to the edge, sitting on one of the many flat rocks as you sip champagne. It's a goosebump-inducing moment sure to linger in your memories for a lifetime!

3. Make a wish as you release a lantern at Thailand's Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival

Have you seen the Disney movie Tangled? One of the scene-stealing moments is when the sky lights up with hundreds of lanterns, glowing amber as bright red and yellow flames edge them further and further up into the inky blue skies.

The good news is you don't have to see an animated version of this spectacular sight, because in real life, the Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai provides you with this beautiful experience annually.

Making a wish here is an emotionally fulfilling bucket list moment, watching the heavens above transform into an ocean of lights.

The Yi Peng festival is part of the wider Festival of Lights held throughout the country, but it focuses on the sky rather than water. In other parts of Thailand, lotus-shaped lanterns made from banana stalks called Loi Krathongs are floated along lakes, ponds and rivers in celebration of Buddha.

In Chiang Mai, lanterns take to the skies as locals make a wish on their lantern before releasing it into the night alongside thousands of others. This event usually takes place in November, but precise dates are hard to know in advance as they change annually. This is because Yi Peng is held on the full moon of the Lanna calendar's second month.

In terms of the best place to see the lanterns, the biggest release takes place on the Lanna Dhutankagrounds of the Maejo University. Tickets to attend typically range around $138.50, but it's worth every penny.