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Is a small ship cruise right for you?

18th October 2013

When you think of a luxurious cruise, you probably picture a ship the size of a small city docking at the harbour and climbing aboard.

Perhaps such an overwhelming vessel is not for you. That doesn't mean you need to rule out a cruise experience altogether. You can talk to your travel agent about choosing one of the smaller ship cruise packages.

While they still offer the same quality entertainment and dining options as their big brothers and sisters, these ships give the traveller a few extra perks.

There are three main reasons why the smaller ship might be able to offer you an experience more tailored to your preferences.

Guest lecturers

On many of these vessels, guest lecturers come on board to talk about a host of subjects that may be of interest. Topics can vary from talks on CSI (a hot trend right now), politics, history and geography in the special interest category, or lecturers can simply cover interesting information about destination events and attractions.

Local guides

Small cruise ships are also better set up to provide travellers with local guides once the entourage reaches each new shore.

Since larger ships cater to thousands of people at a time, it's harder for them to offer such a service to travellers, yet with the ability to work directly with smaller groups of people, guides can be a huge help in discovering some of the local highlights and peculiarities that you wouldn't otherwise see.

Intimate experience

With fewer than 1,000 guests on each ship, the experience itself will be a far more intimate one.

If you're looking to potentially meet some fellow travellers, share stories and get to know those around you, smaller ships are the ideal place to do it. Especially since everyone on board has chosen this option with the same things in mind.

See your cruise page for more information.