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Where the Journey is the Destination

9th February 2015

Take the languid and scenic route, where unique modes of travel complement the stunning vistas of some of our favourite holiday locales. Here is where the journey is the destination. 

Narrowboat Canal Cruising
While not as well known as the waterways of Venice or Amsterdam, the historic canals threading through the United Kingdom and linking the major rivers of the Mersey, Trent, Severn and Thames have a charm all of their own. Picture gliding through still waters and navigating around the picturesque countryside via locks, aqueducts and tunnels. The canal network originated during the Industrial Revolution as a way to transport cargo within the UK and to the port cities. Today’s narrowboats generally contain central heating, bathroom facilities and all the modern conveniences like TV and fridges for a fully self-sufficient holiday on water.

Narrowboat moored at Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Cycling Journeys
Offering a flexible schedule and a DIY appeal, cycling combines moderate exercise with the great outdoors across a host of scenic settings. From the medieval towns and romantic landscapes of Tuscany to the crisp mountain air and dramatic scenery of New Zealand's Milford Sound, your two-wheel adventure ensures your journey will immerse you in the most picturesque of backdrops. A two-week cycling sojourn through Vietnam allows you to soak up the sights and sounds of this fascinating country through beaches, villages, plantations and lush highland terrain. After a full day of cycling and sightseeing, a relaxing night of local cuisine and accommodation is sure to revive.

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Air Safaris
Wide expanses and rugged terrain are tailor-made for an air safari. Traversing the vast velds of Africa, criss-crossing the scenic sights of the USA West Coast and soaring over the natural wonders of the Kimberley region are just some of the far-flung locales you can witness to great effect from the sky. With guided day tours in air-conditioned comfort, an air safari can take you to some of the most remote areas on the planet. You can see US city sights and coastal hotspots, spy African herd animals in their natural environment and see yawning chasms and ancient rock formations in the Outback.

Hiking Treks
To see breathtaking sights at your leisure and truly revel in the uniqueness of your surrounds, a hiking trek is sometimes the only way to access remote locations and commune with nature. At the top of the world, a trek through the Indian Himalayas is an epic journey through hidden villages, vibrant cultures and awe-inspiring vistas. The legendary Patagonia trail traverses Chilean fjords, volcanoes and glaciers with world-class wineries and accommodation to savour. Closer to home, the Larapinta trail winds its way through the rugged ancient landscape of Central Australia where you can sleep with your swag under a starry sky.

Whitewater Rafting
For thrills (and hopefully no spills), take a whitewater rafting trip through the rapids and bends in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations. Zambia’s Zambezi River offers iconic rapids for heart-pumping action or you can chose the traverse the mighty river in a more mellow fashion. In Alaska, your whitewater rafting expedition on the Tatshenshini-Alsek Rivers will take you through pristine alpine wilderness, glacial icebergs and towering mountains. In the wilds of Tasmania, you’ll witness the many moods of the famous Franklin River as you manoeuvre around quiet pools, deep gorges, challenging rapids and ancient rainforest.

Rail Journeys
With a whiff of yesteryear and an air of genteel sophistication, an epic rail journey harks back at an era of refined travel. From your luxury cabin on the iconic Orient Express, you can take in the changing countryside on the historic route from London to Venice. Or consider seeing the intriguing kingdom of Rajasthan on a 7-day Royal Rajasthan on Wheels train journey in sumptuous saloon surrounds. To cover the vast expanse from Moscow to Beijing via Ulaanbaatar, the 15-day Trans Siberian Railway is one journey not to be missed, and you can also trace the path of ‘Doctor Zhivago’ on a special itinerary.