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The world's most photogenic destinations

26th August 2013

Monique Dewhurst from Gannon & Turner Travel Associates in Melbourne shares her love of photography and her picks for the most photogenic destinations from around the world.

For some, documenting the journey is just as pleasurable as the journey itself. Nabbing that perfect travel shot when the lighting is just right and sneaking a snap of a fleeting moment in time that will stay with you long after you’ve left the airport. To put it simply, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of the chase. And while all destinations have their fare share of documented attractions (The Eiffel Tower - the most photographed building, New York - the most photographed city), some destinations are more visually blessed than others.
And so, with our shutterbug clientele in mind, here we run through some of our favourite photogenic destinations.

Colours of India

For colour: Rajasthan, India
For vibrant shots without the need for a colour boost or contrast adjustment, it’s got to be India. From multi-hued markets to colourfully adorned locals, India is one of the most colourful countries in the world. While there are plenty of Kodak moments to be found, many photographers gravitate towards Rajasthan, India’s largest state within the northwest. Boasting grand palaces, barren deserts and bold and bright festivals, Rajasthan’s photographic opportunities are plentiful. So much so that it’s listed as one of the top 5 destinations for photography by Lonely Planet.

For black and white: Iceland
The geothermal blue lagoon near Reykjavik may beg to be shot in colour, but for the rest of the snow covered country, black and white will work its magic. It all comes down to the lighting (available all day and all night in summer) and the landscape’s marvellous textures spanning icy glaciers, mud pools, soaring seacliffs and rocky shorelines, that makes it best showcased in a monochromatic fashion.

For landscapes: Banff, Canada
If you plan on shooting up a storm in Banff, don’t forget you’re wide angled lens and tripod. The epic landscape within the Banff National Park is where much of the photogenic action takes place, particularly from various vantage points of Lake Louise and Sunshine Meadows. Comprised of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls, lakes, valleys and wildlife, Banff is a wild wonderland that demands your camera be set to standby mode at all times.

Oman's architecture

For architecture: Oman
A favourite of National Geographic, Oman’s opulent architecture is amongst some of the best in the world in terms of photography. While many find New York’s art deco buildings hard to resist and the historic palaces found throughout Europe worthy contenders, it’s Oman’s contrasts that create such a compelling image. Ornate buildings of symmetrical sandstone, embellished-gold tundras and landscaped palm trees set against a backdrop of desolate desert. Simply wait for sunset, point and shoot.

For culture: Papua New Guinea
An unexpected destination, but the best in terms of raw and untouched culture often are, Papua New Guinea is a destination where photography should take place off-the-beaten track. For leading photographer Chris Rainier, the rugged country is captivating in terms of both landscape and its people. As he told Pop Photo “You can still find people living totally off the land, knowing nothing of cultures beyond their valleys. That’s one of the reasons I go back again and again. Plus it is visually extraordinary.” Take a guide, take a camera and see what you can find.

For wildlife: The Galapagos Islands
The birthplace of Darwinism, the Galapagos Islands are nature’s masterpiece and a haven for wildlife photography. The biggest trick to photography on the islands though is to be prepared, there’s no Kodak store on the corner for last minute film purchases so you’re going to need to be well equipped and have back up options. If you plan on snorkelling, underwater cameras are recommended, while waterproof cameras in general are smart considering the boat trips and condensation you’ll no doubt face. Once you’re organized, prepare yourself for the amazing things you’ll see; albatross, tortoise, iguanas, fur seals and more.

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