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The Top 10 Cities to Start your Small-Group Tour

3rd June 2019

With so many unforgettable travel experiences in the world, small-group tours provide the perfect balance of adventure and comfort when ticking off those bucket-list destinations. 

With a network of over 130 cities across the globe, Singapore Airlines are the perfect partner for your small group-tour. Flying via Changi airport with its prompt connections will get you to your starting city of choice, ready to meet your group for an unforgettable journey. 

Starting and Ending Point: Athens

Tour: Highlights of Greece – 8 Days (Peregrine)

Athens is the starting point for this whirlwind of an adventure through Greece. Discover the rich and layered history of the country across 8 days as you visit the historic sites of Athens, Greece’s famous hanging monasteries, ancient ruins, and beachside towns.

Starting Point: Hanoi | Ending Point: Ho Chi Minh City

Tour: Vietnam Express Southbound - For Solo Travellers – 15 Days (Intrepid)

Capture the spirit of magical Vietnam on this compact tour from the colonial charm of Hanoi to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, on this new adventure, designed for solo travellers only.

Starting Point: Cape Town | Ending Point: Victoria Falls

Tour: Southern African Experience – 13 Days (Peregrine)

Cape Town acts as the perfect gateway for travellers looking for expeditions into the wilds of Africa. Jaunt across South Africa’s famed garden route with your tour, visiting the most celebrated National Parks in Africa on your way north towards the world’s biggest waterfall, Victoria Falls.

Starting Point: Barcelona | Ending Point: Santiago de Compostela

Tour: Northern Spain Real Food Adventure – 10 Days (Intrepid)

It’s hard not to be amazed at the sheer diversity of food on offer in Spain. Vibrant Barcelona is where you’ll set out from on this tour to eat your way across northern Spain, winding along the Camino de Santiago before finally ending at Santiago de Compostela.

Starting Point: Beijing | Ending Point: Shanghai

Tour: Yangzi & Beyond – 17 Days (Peregrine)

Beijing is the beating heart of China, and the obvious starting point to discover this land of wonders. This tour weaves together the main sights of the country in just over 2 weeks, bringing you together with giant pandas, the terracotta warriors, gorgeous landscapes and the megacities of China.

Starting and Ending Point: Dubai

Tour: United Arab Emirates Expedition – 6 Days (Intrepid)

Most see Dubai as nothing more than a stopover, but on this short trip you’ll discover just what the world’s most opulent city has to offer. Think giant sand dunes, lush oases, and desert nights spent under a starry sky.

Starting and Ending Point: Istanbul

Tour: Treasures of Turkey – 15 Days (Peregrine)

East meets west in Istanbul, a city that never fails to seduce its visitors. Sip on a piping hot apple tea before delving into labyrinth-like bazaars, discover the amazing Turkish cuisine and dreamy landscapes.

Starting Point: Bangkok | Ending Point: Ubud

Tour: Bangkok to Bali – 28 Days (Intrepid)

Golden temples and white-sand beaches, incredible seafood and cultures - you’ll see it all on this epic trip along the Malay Peninsula. After leaving Bangkok, you’ll travel through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, ending in the delightfully-fun Ubud.

Starting Point: Moscow | Ending Point: Saint Petersburg

Tour: Essential Russia – 8 Days (Peregrine)

The perfect tour to catch a glimpse under the surface of Russia, a country with a long and absorbing history and culture. Starting off in Moscow, over 8 jam-packed days you’ll see a lot of the country’s highlights as you make your way towards St. Petersburg.

Starting Point: Delhi | Ending Point: Kathmandu

Tour: Vintage Nepal – 12 Days (Peregrine)

This adventure encompasses much of what makes Nepal so beloved by travellers. Whether you’re exploring the exotic capital of Kathmandu, discovering Pokhara, beneath awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks, or exploring the rural beauty around the hilltop village of Tansen, you'll be left in doubt as to why travellers frequent visits to this region.

Talk to our advisors about how Singapore Airlines can take you to and from all the relevant start and end destinations of your preferred small-group holidays.