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Top ten travel hotspots for 2013

21st January 2013

Looking for travel inspiration for 2013? Look no further than Travel Associates. With so many of our clients and consultants travelling the world each year, we have our fingers firmly on the pulse of the world’s hotspots. Here are our top travel picks for 2013.


Rating high in Fodor’s Best of Europe 2012 Survey, Iceland is an emerging travel hotspot for 2013. Though there’s nothing really ‘hot’ about the Nordic island country. Temperatures rarely exceed 20 degrees. But that in itself has its advantages; some of Iceland’s most spectacular attractions are  its natural assets; glaciers, lagoons, hot springs, geothermal beaches. And when it’s time to warm up, the reputable bar and restaurant scene of Reykjavik will surprise you.

New Zealand

If Iceland is a little too far to travel, our neighbours in New Zealand boast some spectacular icy scenery. Plus with the recent launch of the film, The Hobbit, the country is bound to entice the world once more with its rugged landscape.

The Maldives

Turn off, unplug and tune out. In 2013, take some time to turn off the phone, leave the iPad at home and reboot your mind and body in one of the most remote and beautiful places in the world – the Maldives. With luxury easily found and deserted beaches even more so, the Maldives is the place you need to be when it’s time to take a break.


An expansive country with a wide range of holiday options to choose from, Canada is always a popular place to embark on an adventure. In 2013 however it’s the Quebec city of Montreal that is the focus of much attention with Lonely Planet ranking it within their Top 10 Cities to Visit. The city praise and anticipation comes as Montreal prepares itself for a busy year of launches and cultural anniversaries, some highlights of which include the launch of the new Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Place des Arts.

Hong Kong

If our current infatuation for reality TV can tell us anything, it’s that we all want to improve our skills in the kitchen. Culinary tourism continues to increase in popularity, particularly in Asia’s cuisine capital Hong Kong. Like the master-chefs that have visited before you, you can pick your catch of the day at the harbour, browse the fragrant markets for spices and learn the tricks of the trade in this buzzing metropolis. For the ultimate cooking adventure in 2013, a culinary tour in Hong Kong is hard to beat.

Cook Islands

If by mid-year you find yourself stressed and tired from end-of-financial-year and in desperate need of a holiday (won’t we all) consider this the perfect time to visit the Cook Islands. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a deserted island holiday. Just a short flight from Australia, the South Pacific Island is as pure as it gets, with just a few inconspicuous yet luxurious resorts to make your stay in paradise as comfortable as possible.


Another Lonely Planet prediction, Tasmania or specifically Hobart, is gaining the world’s attention for its peaceful scenery, eco-friendly tourism and innovative art gallery. The city’s Museum of Old and New Art, nicknamed MONA, is taking the art world by storm with its inspiring and in some cases controversial exhibitions. A must-visit for art aficionados or a weekend away.


While Japan itself has almost fully recovered from the 2011 earthquake, the country’s tourism industry is yet to do so. Which is why 2013 is the time to visit Japan. Visit the country during the spring months to see it literally come back into bloom with the flowering of cherry blossoms.


Avid adventurers the world over have begun to set their sights on Ecuador. Small by South American standards but none the less full of adventure, Ecuador is an explorers dream with the Galapagos Islands, Amazon Jungle, Cotopaxi volcano and the Andes all within its borders. While its cities such as Quito are home to luxury accommodation, the current travel trend in Ecuador is glamping – where glamour and camper vans meet to create a comfortable yet nomadic holiday experience.


Rounding out our list at number ten is an oldie but a goodie – Hawaii. The tropical USA state has never been easier to reach with Hawaiian Airlines now flying direct from Sydney to Honolulu daily and Brisbane to Honolulu three times a week. In addition to being a fantastic holiday destination in itself, with Hawaiian Airlines now operating more flights, it’s also possible to enjoy a stopover holiday in Hawaii before continuing on or coming back from the USA mainland.

So, what are you waiting for? Make this year one to remember, with a holiday to one or more of these hotspots.


- Travel Associates