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4 reasons to take a romantic holiday to Tahiti

17th June 2014

If you've been left with a serious case of 'empty nest' syndrome, or have simply been dreaming of a holiday away with your loved one, why not take a romantic vacation somewhere special?

Treat yourself to a tropical escape full of relaxing pursuits that are perfect for couples. The luscious island nation is bound to fulfil all your holiday destination desires - here are four reasons why a holiday in Tahiti can make your dreams come true.

Take the opportunity to reconnect in tranquility

Tahiti is made up of 118 islands, so there are plenty of stunning places to hide away from the world for awhile.

Some resorts take up entire islands and will only allow for a certain amount of guests, while others will only serve one couple at a time, so you can really experience romantic tropical bliss in sweet seclusion.

How does strolling hand-in-hand down a private beach as the sun sets behind you sound? All this and more is possible with a holiday to Tahiti and one of its more remote and exclusive islands.

Experience the islands' spa culture

When it comes to decadent spa treatments, Tahiti knows what it's doing as one of the world's dreamiest destinations for spa-goers.

From an outdoor couples' massage with a view overlooking a lagoon to an in-rainforest body treatment, there are so many opportunities for you and your loved one to indulge.

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of Tahiti's very own natural bounty, such as banana tree leaves, coconuts, sea salt, sand, vanilla, and fresh fruit, plants and oils. These are integrated into treatments that take inspiration from both traditional Tahitian healing practice and contemporary massage.

You won't need to look far to find the perfect spa for you. Located in resorts, towns and villages across the islands, there will be a body scrub, wrap, mask, heated-stone massage or rain shower for you to enjoy - and all the rest!

Indulge in its accommodation

Tahiti has a sumptuous range of accommodation on offer. Its overwater bungalows have become famous around the world for offering guests a chance to stay in thatched-roof dwellings that sit right above the water. Not only that, these little houses also have all the luxurious service and stunning views one could dream of right on hand.

That's right, you and your loved one can sleep right over sparkling blue lagoon waters, and all you have to do to see the glowing horizon stretching out before you is look out the window.

Glass floors also allow you to look down at your feet and to the marine life below, with fish all colours of the rainbow darting in the crystalline waters.

Don't forget to take a dip with your partner either, with a private deck to lounge upon and a ladder reaching down to the water offering unparalleled access to the beautiful ocean.

Savour the cuisine

No romantic holiday is complete without its fair share of good food and wine, and Tahiti delivers on all fronts.

There are cafes and restaurants influenced by global flavours, so expect plenty of Chinese, French, American, Japanese, Polynesian, Italian and Tahitian-inspired fare. Whatever your preferences, your palate won't be disappointed.

Be sure to dive in and try some of the local Tahitian specialties, such as shrimp in banana and curry sauce or poisson cru, which is raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk.

Don't forget to feast on the plethora of sweet juicy fruits abundant in the nation, such as pineapple, mango, papaya and grapefruit.