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Articles by Melinda Spain

Melinda is an experienced Travel Associates advisor for whom travelling is about embracing individual moments and cherishing new experiences – even if that means swimming with wild sea lions in the Galapagos Islands. For the past 11 years, she has applied the same belief when creating travel experiences for others – sending people on adventures they'd previously only dreamed of. A devotee of South American travel, Melinda has immersed herself in the local traditions in Peru's highlands and been inspired by the magnificence of Macchu Pichu. Despite having travelled to this diverse continent on five different occasions, Melinda knows there's still so much more to see. In between visits, she continues to indulge her passion, inspiring clients with unforgettable itineraries throughout South America. Melinda's love of travel is fuelled by her own firsthand experiences, having visited numerous destinations in the United Kingdom and Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada and the USA. But of all her own wanderings, one memory that will stay with Melinda forever is arriving in India for the first time. The sheer awakening of the senses was something no amount of travel could prepare her for – the vibrant colours, sounds, smells and people fuelling her adventure in this amazing country.